I hear a lot of excuses in my line of business.  The fact is, it is easy to find reasons why preparing is unnecessary or not possible.  So, people often procrastinate or don’t do it at all.

I thought I’d share a few of the excuses I hear with you.  In fact, I came up with a fun list of 5 reason people give me why they don’t prepare.  I hope you enjoy it!

I also really hope you sense the teasing / exaggerated tone of the list.  It is meant to be funny.  But, while exaggerated, I believe there is a little of each of us in some of the list below.  I know that I still find excuses to do less than I should.  Ultimately, the attitudes below make me nervous (n myself and others)!  I want others to be self-reliant and prepared!  I don’t want you (or anyone) to face a difficult time and wish you’d done more to be prepared for it.  So, read the list and have a little laugh and then go out and do a little more and help your friends find reasons to be better prepared!

Top 5 Reasons NOT to Prepare:

5.  “Preparing” is Too Overwhelming and Time Consuming

I wouldn’t even know where to start.  And I’m busy.  I work full time and have kids and there just isn’t any time left after that and my tennis and favorite reality show!  I can’t find any resources anywhere to help me even know what to do or what I need.  I’m sure there is nothing like that on the internet b/c it is such a boring topic.  Maybe I’ll get to it someday, but I’m just too busy today.

4.  I’m sure the Government Will Take Care of Me if Something Happens

I mean, they are rich, right?  I sure pay a lot of taxes, they must be.  I’m sure they’ve got food & water stored away for all of us.  That is their responsibility, right?  I know people say they might not be able to get supplies to us for a while, but I’m not worried.  I live half a mile from the city government building.  I’ll be one of the first to be taken care of!

3.  I Don’t Have Enough Space

You don’t get it, my apartment is tiny.  I don’t have room for all that food, water and supplies.  I’ve got the TV and the elliptical and the sectional.  There just isn’t room.  I don’t want my bed on risers and I can’t add any shelves or cabinets to the walls, that just wouldn’t look right.  There is no space anywhere.  I know you say others have done it and you’ve got lots of tips, but I’m sure those won’t work for me!

2.  I Don’t Have Enough Money

I just don’t have enough money to prepare.  I have to pay the rent, and buy food, and pay the utilities.  Oh, and there is cable and my cell phone and I can’t do without my morning starbucks and weekend movies.  There is just no room in the budget to prepare.  None at all.  I’m sure there is nothing I could do to prepare that is free, right?  And since I can’t buy anything, there is no use learning any skills either.  I’m sure skill won’t help me unless I also buy stuff, right?

1.  Nothing Will Ever Happen To Me

I don’t live in an area prone to natural disasters.  And both my job and my spouse’s job are completely secure.  If there is significant inflation, I’m sure our incomes will increase to cover it.  The power never goes out where we live b/c there are no natural disasters (remember?) and pipes never freeze because it never gets cold.  My kids are angels and don’t take risks so they never get injured.  That is why I don’t need any first aid supplies.  And it isn’t hot enough for things like heat stroke.  I’m sure the grocery store has a full year’s supply of food, so I don’t need any extra in my house.  I never forget to buy milk or eggs or anything else for that matter, so I don’t need to keep any extra in my home.  Our water supply is plentiful.  I’ve never gone without water.  I’m mean, every time I turn on the tap, it just comes out!  The plumber has never even had to turn it off for a repair.  Oh, and our car is new.  There is no way it will every break down.  I’m just sure nothing will ever happen to us!


I hope you are giggling just a bit b/c this was meant to be funny!  We all find excuses at one point or another don’t we?  What funny excuses have you heard?