I was once a food storage newbie, and I still learn new things about food storage all the time.  I’d like to share with you five food storage tips that I wish I could go back and give myself about eight years ago when I was first considering looking into food storage.


This idea actually isn’t my own.  I was just featured on my friend Heather’s blog: Cooking with My Food Storage She asked me to list my five top food storage tips and to focus on those things I wish I’d know when I started my food storage.  I’ve simply decided to turn that list into a series and give the same tips here on my own site in a bit more detail. Today is food storage tip number two.
You can read food storage tip number one if you’d like.

Food Storage Tip #2: Food Storage Will Allow You to Give

The most pleasant surprise I have had since seriously beginning a food storage program is that not only has it be totally doable financially, it has actually made it easier and simpler for me to give to others.  The definition of “food storage” is surplus food, right?  It is food that is above and beyond what my family needs right now.  I have extra.

I build this surplus through the Thrive Q, my business as a THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) consultant and through couponing.  I have not had to increase our food budget in order to build our food storage.  Yet, I still have a surplus.  Giving from that surplus does not put a financial burden on our family.

Giving to Others

There are so many ways in which I am able to give to others from this “surplus.”  It has increased my ability to be charitable I often find myself volunteering to bring meals to a friend or those in need.  I also always have a few extra cans of food ready for food drives.  Please don’t misunderstand, there are many other ways in which I could be less selfish and more charitable.  Giving from this surplus of food has simply become one way that is easy for our family to give.

Giving to My Family
It also allows me to give time and health to my kids and family.  I love having them help me in the kitchen with my cooking and baking project.  And while I by no stretch of the imagination consider myself even an amateur chef, I enjoy teaching them what I know.  We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen making things from scratch: things from the items in our food storage.  And since most of those items are whole ingredients that pack a healthful punch, I am also giving them the gift of health.

What about you?  Have you found that your “food storage” makes it easier for you to give?

Looking Forward to an Exciting Week!
Oh, and I got a bunch of exciting stuff lined up for you this week!  I will be hosting four different guest bloggers who all have a unique perspective and ideas to add to the discussion here at Simple Family Preparedness.  I am very excited to share their expertise with you!  Look for a new post each evening.

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