When I originally planned what I wanted to do for National Preparedness Month, I National Preparedness Month Challenge 2 Use Your Food and Win a Grain Millimmediately thought of a giveaway.  Everyone loves a giveaway, right?  Then, I thought I’d also do some fun challenges, and I planned to do a challenge every week except during the giveaway.  I’d offer a sale that week too and that would be good enough, right?  It would work out well because this week is a busy week for me (I’ve got three full days of meetings to attend as part of the THRIVE Life advisory board), and I didn’t really feel like taking on another challenge this week.

Well, I’ve changed my mind.  It isn’t good enough!  I want to give you a challenge along with this giveaway.  In fact, in order to enter the giveaway (which is an electric wheat grinder), you have to complete the challenge!  And yes, I will be taking the challenge too!

The Challenge

One nearly universal challenge that I think a lot of people face is using the food they store.  A few years ago, this was my #1 excuse for not starting a “food storage.”  I didn’t know how to use the foods most considered “food storage,” such as wheat, beans, and powdered milk.  And canned fruits / veggies that I did know how to use didn’t have the nutrition I wanted for my family.  Plus, I didn’t like how they tasted, so I knew I’d never use them.  I’d never rotate them and they’d go to waste.  I simply didn’t want to spend money on foods I wouldn’t use.  So, I did nothing for a long time.

That is one of the reasons I was so thrilled when I found THRIVE foods: an entire line of high quality, non-GMO, preservative free foods with all their original nutrition in every food group.   These were things I could use in my everyday cooking.  And now, I do!  I use THRIVE every single day.

Since I’ve become a “preparedness consultant,” I’ve seen that most people have this same challenge with learning to use / wanting to use the foods they have stored.  I’ve met many people who are throwing out huge supplies of food that they bought 20+ years ago, but that they didn’t use before it all went bad.  What a waste!  It is so sad!

I don’t want that to happen to any of you!  I want you to be excited about and able to rotate your food storage!

So, my challenge this week is for you to make a meal: a real meal that includes at least 3 ingredients from your “food storage.”

I will also be making a recipe!  It will be something new to my family and it will be 100% food storage.  I will post about what I make this Saturday!

The Giveaway

The food storage item that scared me the most a few years ago was wheat!  I had no clue how to use it and I didn’t have a wheat grinder.  It seemed silly to store a bunch of wheat that I couldn’t grind up and use!

So, I’d like to give away something that will help you use your stored wheat and other grains.  I will be giving away an electric wheat grinder!

And since I’m requiring you to do a bit more work that I do for most of my giveaways (actually plan and make a recipe), this giveaway will be open for a bit longer than most of my giveaways are.  You can enter anytime between today, Monday September 9th, and Friday, September 20th.  So, you have 12 days!  The winners will be announced on Saturday, September 21st.

Some Helpful Info for the Challenge:

If you need a recipe, you can find a bunch on my site here: Food Storage Recipes and even some that use 100% shelf stable ingredients here:  100% Shelf Stable Recipes.  Or, use one of your own!  Any recipe will do as long as it has at least 3 ingredients in it that you consider part of your food storage!

If you need tips about a particular product, you can find a bunch here: Food Storage Product Tips

The Sale That Can Help With the Challenge:

As I mentioned above, I’ve found THRIVE to be the easiest, healthiest, most cost effective food to use!  It has a 25 year shelf life which makes it work for food storage, but it is also very easy to rotate and use every day.  It takes fantastic, and saves me time, money and stress.  In fact, I have many customers who don’t buy it for food storage at all.  They buy it in place of their regular groceries b/c it reduces so much waste that it saves them money and it saves so much time in cooking.  So, if you are going to learn to cook with your food storage regularly, I believe THRIVE is the way to go!

So as part of this giveaway / challenge, I’m offering some incredible deals on five different THRIVE packages this week only (September 9th – September 15th, 2013)!  If you’ve been considering THRIVE foods, I wanted to provide a sale that would make getting a little THRIVE in your home a bit easier.  If you are already using / storing THRIVE, this sale will be a great way to add some more to your home store.

You should know that I will receive commission if you choose to purchase THRIVE through this sale.  Sales such as this are how I get “paid” for the work I do on this site and I greatly appreciate each and every purchase anyone makes.  However, please do not feel like you have to purchase to enter the giveaway.  You don’t!  I’m not offering this sale to “get rich,” I’m offering it to help make getting what I consider the best food into your home a bit easier.  (-:

You can click on the flyer above to make it bigger & see details about what is on sale.  Each of these packages makes it possible for you to get the cans in them for 35%-41% less per can than you would be able to otherwise.

How to Order the Packages on Sale:

These specialty packages are not available online.  You must order them through me directly (and I will place your order with THRIVE for you at the discounted price).  You can do this in two ways:

(1) Email me your order, address, and phone number.  I will call you within 48 hours to finalize everything.

(2) Submit your order to me using this form.  I will contact THRIVE Life and place your order within 48 hours.


How to Enter the Giveaway:

You must do just one thing to enter this giveaway:

  1. Make a meal for your family that includes at least 3 food storage ingredients.  Then, leave a comment on this post on the blog. Let me know what recipe you made and what 3 food storage ingredients it included!  If for some reason you have trouble commenting, email me at [email protected] and I will comment for you. But please do not just reply to this email (if you get my post via email) try to comment on this post on the blog your own first.  In order to comment, you will need to make sure you copy / paste the code and check the little box that says you are human!

Want Extra Entries?

Sure! Why not? If you are willing to do a little more, you can have a few “extra” entries (up to seven entries max (1 mandatory and six extra) per person.

  • Email me ([email protected]) a picture of the “food storage” meal you made for your family!  It can be just a picture of the meal, or of you and your family eating the meal.  I would LOVE it and I will use it in a followup post!
  • Make a 100% Shelf Stable recipe for your family that I do NOT already have on my blog.  Email me ([email protected]) the recipe.  I will try it and may use it (and give proper credit) in a recipe book I’m writing.  If you do this, you can have TWO extra entries!
  • Use the little facebook button at the bottom of this post in order to share this giveaway with your facebook friends. Then, leave me another comment (in addition to the one above) letting me know that you did so.
  • Pin one of the following posts from my site about National Preparedness Month.  Click on your favorite post and then use the “P” button at the bottom of the post to pin it to pinterest.  Make sure you add a description that lets your followers know why you like the post!  Then, leave me another comment (in addition to the one(s) above) letting me know that you did so.
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    3. Living Without Running Water, A Practical Guide


  • There will be one winner, which will be randomly chosen using random.org
  • In order to enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment with details about your meal.  If you leave comments for extra entries, but not this main entry, you will not be entered in the giveaway.
  • The prize will be shipped for free in the Continental US.  If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you will pay shipping.  Prize is not available outside the US.
  • You must enter by 11:59 pm on Friday, September 20th, 2013
  • Other THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) consultants are not eligible
  • Winner will be announced by 8:00 pm Saturday, September 21st, 2013.
  • No purchase necessary.


Good Luck!