I’m so pleased to hear that so many of you like your veggies!  (-:  I think asparagus was the favorite overall.  Many of you wondered if your favorite veggies would be good in freeze dried form and the answer to most of them is YES!  (Although I’ve yet to try freeze dried artichoke or oakra….)  Most veggies are fantastic in freeze dried form!  They work great in soups, stews and casseroles.  I even love eating the many of them strait from the can!  They have the same nutrition as fresh veggies and really do taste surprisingly good.  If you’d like to try a variety, you may consider the vegetable variety package.  For less than $100, you get to try 12 different veggies!  And today’s winner will get a 3 month veggie supply!

Choosing The Winner

Almost all comments followed the rules.  I removed about 10 that did not, and I posted comments for those who weren’t able to.  Again, although I love these giveaways each month, they are also hard as I want to give prizes to each of you!  Unfortunately, that is not possible.  So, I let choose the winner to keep things fair.  There were 138 entries and chose #85 as the winner:

Congrats to Vanessa!    I will contact you with details about how to claim your 3 mo Veggie Supply Package!


And thanks to each of you for your support of my little website here.  I sincerely appreciate it.

In July, the giveaway will be a bit different.  You will be able to nominate families you believe deserve to win $1500 in free food storage and I will choose one and give away a fun, HUGE package!  I excited!  I’m looking for a family that wants to prepare, be self reliant, and give to others but is struggling to do so now for one reason or another.  I’m sure you all know many families that fall into that category.  So, start thinking of families you may want to nominate!