Water is Essential!

Water storage is essential because water is essential to life.  I post about water storage a lot. (click on that link back there to learn more!) I had a few thoughts after reading the comments you all left:

  1. I am giddy that so many of you are doing something (even if it is something small) to beef up / improve your water storage!  Kudos to you!
  2. Make sure you don’t store your water in these types of plastic bottles.  They will disintegrate very quickly leaving you with water that is not safe to drink and likely leaking.
  3. Make sure you rotate your water frequently if you are using water bottles.  They will also disintegrate over time (though not nearly as fast as the other jugs)
  4. There are lots of ways to get creative in finding space to store water.  It doesn’t have to be in huge 55 gallon barrels!  Read through the comments on the giveaway post to see some great ideas!

Alright, I’m thrilled to give this package away to some of my fabulous readers!  Thanks for all your entries!

Choosing The Winner

Almost all comments followed the rules.  I removed a few that did not, and I posted comments for those who weren’t able to.  Again, although I love these giveaways each month, they are also hard as I want to give prizes to each of you!  Unfortunately, that is not possible.  So, I let random.org choose the winner to keep things fair.  There were 115 entries and random.org chose #22 as the winner:

Congrats to Winona!    I will contact you with details about how to claim your water barrel package!


And thanks to each of you for your support of my little website here.  I sincerely appreciate it, and I look forward to the first Saturday of June for another fun new giveaway!