Why I ONLY Sell Thrive Foods from Simple Family Preparedness:  https://simplefamilypreparedness.com/why-i-only-sell-thrive/

I’ve had a few people ask (very kindly) lately why I only talk about, promote, and ultimately sell THRIVE foods.   Or on the flip side, they’ve ask why I don’t talk about, promote or ultimately sell other brands of food storage.

I think these are great questions and that they deserve an honest, upfront answer.

I Earn Income By Blogging

Maybe some of you didn’t even know that I actually sell anything through this blog!  Five years ago, I had no clue anyone could make money blogging, and I regularly meet people who are shocked that I earn a real income doing this.  So, I’d be surprised if some of you didn’t fall into that category.  Plus, I don’t have any blaring ads in my sidebar or header, so you may be surprised to find out that I do make money through this website.

I talk about how I earn in my disclosure which you can find at the top right of my navigation bar, and I link to that disclosure at the bottom of every post.  Just click on the little pink “A” at the bottom of any post and you will be taken to it.  Here is just a bit from that disclosure:

It is important you know that I…earn income from this website…I am very grateful for the compensation I receive from this blog as it helps to provide for my family.  It helps us be more self reliant.  I try very hard to be sure that my husband and kids are always my first priority.  However, maintaining this site is nearly a full time job, and I (and my family) do make sacrifices for it at times.  Our time is precious and I am glad that there are ways for me to be compensated for my time while helping and supporting others in becoming more self reliant, prosperous and charitable.

So, there you have it.  I earn income by blogging!  When I post a link to THRIVE Life or Amazon and then you click on it and purchase something, I earn a small commission.  You don’t pay any more when you purchase through my links.  In fact, you more often pay less.  THRIVE Life and Amazon simply give me a small percentage of your purchase as a “thank you” for referring you to them.


My Earnings and My Content

Sometimes when people hear that I can earn money by advertising for or linking to other companies they become wary of what I’m doing and assume that I must only be linking to those companies so I can earn an income and not necessarily because they truly are good companies.  Again, a bit from my disclosure:

It is also important you know that the compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog.  I base my decisions of what to post on what I believe is most helpful for you: my readers.

I will not link to something that I wouldn’t (or don’t already) use myself and truly believe is a good product.   For me, helping others through this blog is just as important if not more important than earning income. I’m grateful that I am able to earn by linking to products I would link to anyway, but I don’t link to those companies / products just because I can earn!



Thanks for indulging me by reading that bit of back ground.  I think the answer to why I only sell THRIVE foods and not any other food storage on this site can be better understood within the context of those two facts: (1) I earn income from this website, and (2) I won’t encourage you to buy something just so I can earn a buck!

I have been approached by many other food storage companies.  They would like me to sell / promote their products here.  I’ve had quite a few of them send me samples.  And to be honest, it is tempting!  Many of them offer a higher commission than I am now making and many of them are much more well known than THRIVE in “prepper” circles, so they’d likely be an easier sell.

But I have chosen to say no to these companies.  I do not sell their products.  The reason?

I’ve promised you that I won’t ever promote or encourage you to purchase a product that I wouldn’t use myself.

I’ve sampled lots and lots  of food storage over the last few years and THRIVE is the only product I’ve found that I am comfortable feeding to my own family on a regular basis.  I trust the company.  I trust where they get their food from.  I trust their in-house quality inspector.  Their food tastes good: good enough that I use it every day.  Their food is high quality, nutritious, and delicious.  It is easy to rotate (which makes it much less expensive in the long run) and isn’t crazy high on sodium and additives like many “just add water” meals are.  It is the only product I’ve found that I am 100% comfortable highly recommending to my friends and family.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  That isn’t to say that all other food storage companies are awful, terrible, no good companies that promote horrible products.  Many of them promote and sell acceptable products and if THRIVE were not available, I may consider purchasing some of them because something is better than nothing, right?

But the fact is that THRIVE is available, and every single time I’ve compared THRIVE with any other type of food storage, it has come up on top.  Even in blind taste tests with large groups!  I’ve compared a can of the exact same product (meaning THRIVE freeze dried green beans vs another brand’s freeze dried green beans) and even without tasting it, there is a HUGE difference in color and smell.  I’ve done this with numerous products and numerous companies and I have simply decided that THRIVE is what I will store and what I will feed to my family.


Honesty is the Best Policy

Since I’ve decided that THRIVE is what I will use because it is the best product available, I feel dishonest recommending you, as my readers, purchase something else simply because I may be able to earn a bit more when you do based on a higher commission or more recognizable product.

I don’t want to lose your trust.  I want to be as certain as I can be that you will be happy with the products I recommend.  Your family is just as important to you as mine is to me.  I want you to store and use high quality, healthy products for them, just like I do for my family.

So, there you have it.  I talk about, promote and sell only THRIVE because it is what I store and use everyday for my family.   I feel honest telling you the truth: I really believe THRIVE is the best way to build your home store.