Today’s post is a guest post by Andrea Anderson

About Andrea:

Andrea Anderson is a wife, new mother, and interior design student with a specialty in organization. She spent the majority of her childhood in the great state of Alaska where her weekends were filled with camping, fishing, and hiking. Such a lifestyle left her with a certain skill set and she is happy to share some of her experiences with you.  She also writes the blog Project: Simple Home that covers topics ranging from emergency preparedness to home organization to craft projects. Feel free to drop by and check it out sometime!


Meet Thy Neighbors

There is common wisdom in the saying, “no man is an island.” The same rings true for our families.  As humans, we are social creatures and we have learned to survive (and thrive!) by depending on one another to help us fulfill some of our needs so we don’t have to do it all by ourselves.

Photos of Alaska windstorm damage to properties. Image Credit: Melissa Meade