Food in your own home is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Think of it as “food insurance.” You likely have car insurance and health insurance. You probably even have home owners or renter’s insurance. Most people see these types of insurance as necessities, not luxuries. But, what would happen to your family if your food supply was suddenly cut off? Do you have food insurance?

Food storage is a great way to prepare your family for the following situations:

Natural Disaster

Earthquakes, floods, fires, tsunamis…we hear about these disasters all the time. Some of us may have even lived through them. If such were to happen in your area, it may be difficult to get food for some period of time. Having food stored in your home would allow you to still care for and feed your family.

Job Loss

In today’s economy, everyone should be prepared for a possible job loss. If you were to lose part of all of your income, you will be forced to make tough decisions about what to spend your limited funds on. Having a food storage would allow you to continue to feed your family while using your limited funds to pay other bills.

Unexpected Bills

Unexpected car, health, or other bills can make your budget very tight. They can even make it seem impossible to meet all your obligations. Having a food storage allows you to lower or eliminate what you spend on food while you get caught up on unexpected bills.


Food costs more and more each year. By purchasing food storage at today’s prices, you can eat it tomorrow without being subject to the increased costs that are sure to come tomorrow. You can ride out waves of economic inflation by eating the food you purchased at yesterday’s prices.


While not as serious as some of the above issues, one of the biggest reasons to have food storage is convenience. Imagine never having to make a late night run to the store for eggs, milk, shortening, or even broccoli, chicken, or tomato sauce. On a really hectic week, you could skip grocery shopping all together and still make healthy meals for your family.