My name is Misty. I am not a “hard-core prepper.” I don’t have a bunker anywhere. I don’t believe in zombies. I don’t forage for food. I avoid acronyms like SHTF, BOB, or TEOTWAWKI.

I specialize in helping busy families who are new to emergency preparedness take small, consistent steps that bring big results in their level of preparedness over time.

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How to Survive a 3 Day Power Outage

It’s easy to forget how dependent we have become on electricity until we lose power. In this article, learn more about how you can prepare now to cook, stay warm, maintain communication with others, and more in the event of a power outage.

How to Choose the Best Food Storage Meals for Your Family

If you had to rely on your food storage to eat, do you know what kind of meals you would be eating? Planning the food you store around meals you know you and your family already love is a smart thing to do. Use these tips and tricks to make planning your food storage meals simple.