Simple Family Preparedness Owner, Courtni

Founded in 2010, Simple Family Preparedness started with a mother that wanted to ensure her family’s preparedness in the event of an emergency. She began sharing the things she learned and the systems she was creating online here – at Simple Family Preparedness in an effort to help.  I’ve found that there are many other moms looking for simplicity – not crazy “prepping”; many other families who wanted to get better prepared but weren’t sure where to start; many others who felt overwhelmed and stuck.

Simple Family Preparedness has helped thousands of these families – many of whom are now friends – become better prepared while enjoying their everyday life. I am so excited to have the opportunity to continue to build our knowledgeable, ready community. Misty’s ideas, discoveries, and systems will remain the heart of the site.

Please take a minute to read Misty’s letter about her new journey here, and learn about new owner, Courtni, here


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