13 Military Vehicles Any Civilian Can Legally Own

There is a major market for military memorabilia collectibles. Anything from a soldier’s Helmut to a World War II tank can and will be sold among these military aficionados. Many vehicles used by the military have become available for civilians to own, and they have become highly sought after. These are some of the most unique and sometimes rare vehicles a civilian can legally own.

1. Oshkosh L-ATV

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The United States fleet of HUMVEEs has been getting older, so the Department of Defense has been looking for replacements as of late. The Oshkosh Company out of Wisconsin has decided to try to win that contract. Equipped with a 6.6 Duramax engine, full armor, and multiple weapon mounting points, this beast is ready for military combat. An unarmored version can also be sold to civilians looking for an off-road vehicle.

2. Renault Sherpa 2

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The Renault Sherpa 2 has been in production since 2006, so plenty are available for civilian use. The Sherpa comes equipped with ballistic armor, anti-mine protection, IED kits, and a 215-horsepower engine. This light-bodied vehicle was designed for basic transport and staff use, making it a perfect option for civilian usage.

3. GAZ Tiger

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This 4×4 truck was built with the reliability and toughness that a Russian Military vehicle is known for. The 5.9 L Cummins engine and JSC 5-speed manual transmission are powerful enough to transport soldiers both on and off-road. Many models are equipped with high-end electronic warfare intelligence systems. The models available for civilian use come without the armor and are often used as surplus vehicles in Eastern European countries.

4. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

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When Mercedes-Benz produced this off-road capable vehicle for the Australian Army, they combined military toughness with modern luxury. Looking more like the new G-Wagons, they were an instant hit among civilian buyers. They were so popular they earned a price that was once the second highest price model in the Mercedes fleet. There are not many available for public sale, but those who can afford the price tag can buy one.

5. Paramount Marauder

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The South African Paramount built this bruiser of a military vehicle to transport up to 10 people and 13,000 pounds of gear. Equipped to keep the crew safe from firearms, mines, and IEDS, it also has mounts for machine guns and light missile launchers. The vehicle is mainly used to transport foreign nationals and ongoing UN peacekeeping missions; it has been popular since its initial production in 2008. Many decommissioned vehicles have been put on the public market, making them available to civilians looking for a collectible or an off-road toy to show off to their friends.

6. Thales Hawkei

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Built to be a versatile military vehicle by the Australian army, the Thales Hawkei can be used for troop transport, reconnaissance, electronic communication, or staff vehicles. The truck can hold up to 6 passengers, and comes in a 2-door or 4-door model. Civilians have been able to purchase the Hawkei in both the United States and Australia.

7. Alvis Stalwart

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Built by the British company Stalwart, these ginormous, amphibious transport vehicles were first made in 1966. They were unarmed and designed to transport as many as 30 soldiers as well as food and supplies to the war front. Capable of driving over rough terrain at speeds of 40 miles per hour and through waterways at 7 miles per hour, the vehicle was vital to the British Army. Many collectors have bought up remaining models of this iconic piece of machinery, while others sit in various museums worldwide.

8. Tucker SnoCat

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Built for the harsh snowy conditions of the North, the SnoCat used some revolutionary technology that snow vehicles still use today. First put into production in the early 1960s, the Tucker company started selling their track-based vehicles to the military to transport products in high snowfall territories. There are not a lot of original models due to their work in rough conditions, but some models have been known to fetch a price of $100,000.

9. Terradyne Gurkha

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Made by the Terradyne Company out of Ontario, Canada, this tactical, armored vehicle was built on a Ford F-550 chassis. Named after the Nepali soldiers who helped the British Army, this truck can transport 8 passengers in the back and 2 in the cabin. A model was used in the 2011 movie Fast Five, making it popular and sought after by high-end collectors. Get your checkbook out; these civilian models can go for as much as $700,000.

10. Chieftain MK-10

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First put into production in the 1960s, this tank was so advanced that it was put to use for almost 3 decades. Equipped with a super-powered machine gun and top-of-the-line armor, it was the main choice for the British Army. It was known for introducing a supine driver position that provided extra height for the driver. Although you can’t drive this tank when you drop your kids off at school, it is definitely legal to own in most countries.

11. Willys Jeep

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One of the more recognizable military vehicles on this list, the Willys Jeep, has been seen in many war movies filmed between the 1950s and 1970s. Being quick and versatile, they were the most common vehicles along the front line. Jeep has become an iconic model of military and civilian vehicles, and many collectors love getting their hands on these old military models.

12. Dodge WC-54 Ambulance

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Dodge produced this field ambulance for only 2 years, from 1942 to 1944. Still, this was an extremely important vehicle during the Second World War. The truck could transport up to 6 patients to safety, hitting speeds as much as 55 miles per hour. There were 23,000 made, and those that remain are highly coveted by collectors.

13. Patton M47 Medium Battle Tank

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Patton tanks have been some of the most common ones the United States Army uses. The M47 was another model of these tanks that successfully did its job. This tank, used throughout the Cold War, was decommissioned shortly after. Now, it is a standard option for people wishing to own and drive a tank around their property.

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