50 Toys From Your Childhood Worth a Bundle Today

Dive into your storage and start dusting off those boxes in the attic—your childhood toys might be your ticket to a hefty payday. From the quirky to the nostalgic, certain toys from the past have skyrocketed in value, turning playful memories into serious investments. As a child of the ‘80s, researching this article brought back a lot of fond memories and a whole heap of regret that I didn’t keep a lot of my old toys, as I’d have a fabulous little nest egg.

1. Thundercats First Wave: $50 – $1,000+

Image Credit: disco83stu/Ebay.

I was utterly obsessed with Thundercats. It was an awesome show, and I had loads of action figures, pencil cases, a Snarf plushie, and other merch. I was also surprised that it only ran for three years because it was such a standout “thing” from my childhood. As I write this, I can hear the theme tune playing in my head. And I still think Snarf is the most awesome, cutest character ever.

The first wave of Thundercats figures, released with an even split of four heroes and four villains, set the foundation for every tale woven in the Thundercats saga. Presently, these figures range from $50 for those in moderate, unboxed condition to over $900 for pristine, carded specimens. And a mint-condition Astral Moat Monster, the only creature figure in the first wave release, fetches $1,000 or more.

Characterized by their unique solid black hardbacks—a stark contrast to the white starburst designs of subsequent releases—this initial series has cemented its status as a collector’s treasure. Finding these first-wave figures on the secondary market today poses a significant challenge, reflecting their rarity and enduring appeal to collectors and fans alike.

2. Tamagotchi: $100 – $2,999

Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

I was surprised that the original Tamagotchi isn’t worth more, to be honest. Even though I was a teen by then, I loved my original little digi-dino dude, and I fed him, played games with him, and all that other nonsense that seemed so important back then every day. They were so popular they were banned from my school!

The 1990s introduced us to Tamagotchis, the digital pets that lived on our key fobs and in our pockets, offering the joys of pet ownership without the mess. Despite a revival in 2018, original Tamagotchis hold a special place in the hearts of those who grew up in the ’90s, with some worth up to $100. This resurgence in value is likely fueled by a wave of nostalgia from those eager to recapture a piece of their childhood.

There are also some super-rare models, like the iD Conan Tamagotchis and the white and red models, that fetch up to $2,999.

3. 1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure: $25,000

Image Credit: Collector Cantina/Ebay.

Star Wars memorabilia has always had a special place in the hearts of collectors, but did you know a 1978 Luke Skywalker action figure could be worth up to $25,000? This particular figure gained fame after Nigo, a renowned Japanese designer, sold his extensive Star Wars collection, including this rare, boxed figure—one of only twenty in existence.

4. Magic: The Gathering – The Power Nine: $27,000

Image Credit: ychibancho/ebay.

Magic: The Gathering’s Power Nine cards are among the game’s rarest and most powerful, capable of significantly tipping the scales of play. A complete set can be valued at $27,000, with the iconic Black Lotus card alone fetching the same amount if found in mint condition from the first edition.

5. Original Furby: Up to $1,000

Image Credit: 🌺Prima🌟Classe🌺/ebay.

Launched in 1998, Furbies were the must-have furry companions that everyone wanted. My cousin was utterly obsessed with these weird little creatures.

If you’ve kept an early model Furby, still in its unopened box, you might be looking at around $1,000 today. Especially if it’s one of the super-rare mint-condition models with the “sng” misspelling on the box. These interactive toys were a sensation, blending the lines between pet and plaything, and now, they’re a hot collector’s item.

6. Peanut Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby: $5,000

Image Credit: combatk9handler/ebay.

The Beanie Baby craze of the ’90s produced many collectibles, but none as coveted as the royal blue “Peanut” the elephant. A manufacturing error resulted in just 2,000 of these darker-hued elephants, making it the most sought-after Beanie Baby, with a price tag of up to $5,000. Humphrey the Camel and the 1997 Princess Diana Beanie Baby are not far behind, each fetching hefty sums.

7. The Original Monopoly Game: $146,500

Image Credit: attraction2traction/ebay.

The grandfather of board games, Monopoly, has its own tale of riches. I used to love playing Monopoly. Yes, the game could last for hours, but with the right set of people, you’d have loads of fun. An original oil cloth version from 1933, created by Charles Darrow, the game’s inventor, went for $146,500 at auction—nearly double its expected price. Even if your Monopoly set isn’t one of these rare finds, vintage editions from the 1930s and limited editions can still command hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

8. Garbage Pail Kids’ Cards: $1,000 and up

Image Credit: dynamike250b/ebay.

Remember the ’80s, when Garbage Pail Kids cards were all the rage? Those bizarre yet captivating collectible cards are now internet goldmines. A single card like “Adam Bomb” could fetch around $3,000 today, especially if it’s kept in pristine condition and still housed in its original packaging.

9. Pokemon Cards: Up to $5,275,000

Image Credit: smpratte/ebay.

Since their debut in Japan in 1996, Pokemon cards have amassed a global following, with rare editions commanding exorbitant prices. Card prices vary from just a few dollars to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, in 2022, a PSA gem mint 10 Pikachu Illustrator card sold for an utterly incredible $5,275,000.

10. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Up to $2,000,000

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards have captured the imagination of card game enthusiasts worldwide, with some of the rarest cards reaching astronomical prices. The “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” card has been listed for an eye-watering $400,000, while other cards like “Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn” and the stainless steel “Black Luster Soldier” from the 1999 Championship command prices of $1,900 and up to $2 million, respectively, underlining the high stakes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Collecting.

However, I couldn’t find a verifiable source for the $2 million price tag for the Black Luster Soldier. I have verified that it was, at one point, listed on a marketplace for $10 million, but there’s no record of a sale or the current owner of this card.

11. PEZ Dispensers: $50 – $32,000

Image Credit: 2nd_chance_toys_and_collectibles/ebay.

Those little candy dispensers you loved as a kid could be worth more than just sentimental value. A PEZ dispenser, known as Astronaut B, made for the 1982 World’s Fair, was sold for an astonishing $32,000. Other valuable finds include the Mickey Mouse Soft Head, the 1955 Santa Claus Head, and the elusive PEZ gun.

12. Wun-Dar He-Man: $500

Image Credit: toyhuntermelodyyas/ebay.

He-Man was undeniably awesome. That cartoon is a real icon of the 80s and my childhood. But do you remember the He-Man figure that came with your Wonder Bread in the ’90s? That seemingly simple toy, often dubbed naked-with-a-loin-cloth He-Man, could now fetch up to $500 on eBay. Who knew a penchant for white bread could potentially lead to such a payout?

13. Hot Wheels: $30 – $125,000

Image Credit: creamy_punk/ebay.

The miniature cars that zoomed around your living room floor might be your golden ticket. While most Hot Wheels are modestly priced, rare editions like the 1969 “Volkswagen Beach Bomb” prototype could skyrocket to $125,000. Its unique design, complete with surfboards poking out and a size too large for standard tracks, makes it a collector’s dream.

14. Nintendo GameCube: Up to $650

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

When I saw how much the GameCube is worth, I actually paused writing and went to see if I still had my old console. The good news is, I do! With a whole bunch of games, four controllers, and two sets of the utterly awesome Donkey Konga Bongo Drums. The bad news is I remembered how much fun those were, got totally distracted, and spent a couple of hours playing Donkey Konga 2 and Mario Party 7.

I’ve always been a huge Nintendo geek! And the GameCube had such a huge range of really simple but fun games.

The Nintendo GameCube, with its distinctive indigo hue, made waves in the gaming world after its 2001 release. A console in good condition, complete with working controllers and games, can fetch up to $650. But you’ll need at least one rare game to fetch those kinds of prices. In general, a working console with controllers fetches anywhere from $100 to $200. And I had way too much fun to part with my GC for that price.

15. Fisher Price’s Push Cart Pete: $9,200

Image Credit: Morphy Auctions/invaluable.

Fisher Price toys have a special place in the nostalgia of childhood, but “Push Cart Pete” from 1936, if kept in mint condition, transcends sentimental value with a price tag of $9,200. Considering its original retail price was only 50 cents, that’s a remarkable appreciation.

16. Vintage Super Soaker Water Guns: $100 – $500

Image Credit: Suspend your Disbelief/ebay.

Super Soakers revolutionized water warfare in backyards everywhere with their high-powered, vibrant designs. Models from the 1990s are particularly in demand, with prices ranging from $129 to $500, proving that the desire for epic water battles never dries up.

17. Lionel’s Pennsylvania ‘Trail Blazer” Train Set: Up to $29,000

Image Credit: MJUTRAINS/ebay.

Lionel train sets, a staple of childhood for many, embody the essence of nostalgia. An original set discovered in your attic, especially from the brand’s golden era, might command thousands of dollars, blending sentimental and monetary value. The pre-war trains are the most valuable, with some models fetching more than $20,000.

18. First Edition Barbie: $23,000

Image Credit: trunkslammer126/ebay.

Despite Barbie’s recent updates, the classic 1959 version, with its iconic zebra-stripe swimsuit and elegant up-do, remains unparalleled for collectors. An original in good condition can sell for anywhere between $8,000 to $23,000, proving some classics never go out of style.

19. Vintage Atari Cartridges: Prices Vary

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The tale of Atari’s buried cartridges in the New Mexico desert, once deemed an urban legend, was proven true when 881 cartridges were unearthed and sold for a total of $107,000. Today, rare and popular games from this cache can command hundreds on eBay, turning digital nostalgia into real-world treasure.

20. Game Boy: $150 – $1,000

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Long before smartphones stunted our attention span, the Game Boy was the ultimate handheld device. Released in the U.S. in 1989, pristine condition Game Boys are now fetching hundreds, with special editions like the Game Boy Light soaring over $1,000. It’s a piece of gaming history that holds a special place in the hearts of many. If you’ve got a nice console and game bundle, it could easily fetch you a few hundred dollars.

How lucky were our generations that we got to experience so many different groundbreaking technological advancements in our everyday lives? Gaming was one area where the advancements were astonishing, and new tech felt really indescribably wondrous and special. I dread to think how many hours I wasted on my Game Boy. And yes, I’m old enough to have had one of the originals.

21. Original Transformers Action Figures: $50 – $1,000

Image Credit: salcastjsc/ebay.

Transformers, the iconic transforming robot action figures by Hasbro, made their debut in 1984. If you managed to keep your original figures boxed up and in mint condition, they could be worth a considerable amount more than their purchase price. Optimus Prime figures, for example, are being listed on eBay for over $1,000.

22. First Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: $6,500

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The book that launched the Harry Potter saga in the U.S., first published in 1998, has seen first editions sell for up to $6,500. A signed edition increases its value significantly, with some copies reaching $15,000. It’s a treasure trove for fans of the wizarding world. Yes, I know books are not toys, but Harry Potter was and is a cultural phenomenon, so, at least the first edition of the first book deserves a place here.

23. Masters of the Universe Eternia Playset: $1,000

Image Credit: THETOYVAULT-STORE/ebay.

More He-Man nostalgia! The Eternia Playset, considered the “Holy Grail” of Masters of the Universe toys, is a coveted item for collectors, fetching around $1,000. It’s the ultimate battleground for He-Man and Skeletor figures, and its rarity and significance in the toy universe make it a prized possession. Also, how awesome was Skeletor? He’s probably one of the most memorable ’80s cartoon villains.

24. Super Mario Bros.: $2,000,000

Image Credit: Pro du Retro/ebay.

Here’s another entry for Nintendo. Not because I’m a Nintendo geek, but because they’ve made some of the most memorable and collectible games ever. And this particular game, Super Mario Bros. from 1985, for the original NES, holds the record for the most valuable video game ever sold. A factory sealed game of this age is a real rarity. And it achieved an eye-popping $2,000,000 at auction in 2021.

25. Stretch Armstrong: Over $300

Image Credit: da-307114/ebay.

Stretch Armstrong, the iconic 1970s toy known for its incredible elasticity, remains a symbol of novelty and nostalgia. Unique in its design, allowing it to be stretched to four times its size and return unscathed, Stretch Armstrong has reached over $300 at auction, strrretching (sorry, not sorry) its appeal well into the 21st century.

26. Evel Knievel “Stunt Cycle”: Over $600

Image Credit: dudeman9110/ebay.

Evel Knievel, the legendary stuntman, inspired a generation with his gravity-defying motorcycle stunts. The “Stunt Cycle” action figure, a homage to Knievel’s daredevilry, is now a rare find. An untouched original in its sealed box, complete with a $4.49 price sticker, soared to over $600 at auction in 2016, capturing the thrill of Knievel’s legacy in toy form.

27. Spice Girls Doll Collection: Up to $600

Image Credit: therebelheart/ebay.

The Spice Girls, the quintessential ’90s girl band, not only dominated the airwaves but also the toy shelves with their own line of dolls. Collectors willing to spice up their lives with a complete set of all five dolls in original packaging can expect to pay up to $600, a testament to the enduring legacy of Girl Power.

I didn’t “get” the Spice Girls, they weren’t my thing. But a friend was completely obsessed with them and collected anything Spice Girls-related, ranging from dolls to key rings, pencil cases, and collectible cards.

28. Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls: Prices Vary

Image Credit: therebelheart/ebay.

These beloved dolls, created by Xavier Roberts in 1978, have a special place in the world of doll collectors. The world’s most dedicated collectors, Pat and Joe Prosey, have gathered over 5,000 dolls, valued at $360,000, housed in their Maryland museum. For those with a more casual interest, there’s an official collector’s club with an annual fee, showing just how enduring the Cabbage Patch Kids’ legacy is.

29. Jurassic Park Action Figures: Prices Vary

Image Credit: pkmn.prize/ebay.

The 1993 blockbuster, Jurassic Park, left us in awe of dinosaurs and spawned a plethora of merchandise, including highly coveted action figures. Those preserved from the ’90s, particularly the T-Rex figure, now see values in the thousands, with one listed at a staggering $2,800.

Jurassic Park is still one of my favorite movie franchises, and I had some amazing original merchandise back in the day. I still have a few of my original collectibles, but I was a kid back then, so I didn’t preserve them – I opened the packages and used them. They’re still awesome, and I’d never sell them, but they wouldn’t have a huge amount of value.

30. First Edition of “Where the Wild Things Are”: $25,000

Image Credit: manydogsandpuppies/ebay.

A pristine, signed first edition of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are fetched $25,000 in 2012. Considering the wear and tear most picture books endure, finding such a copy is a rare treasure. No, books aren’t technically “toys,” but this book was a big part of childhood for many, so I thought it deserved a place on the list.

31. Lite Brite: $300

Image Credit: kippie07/ebay.

Lite Brite has been a staple of childhood creativity since 1967, allowing kids to craft glowing art with colored plastic pegs. Today, complete sets from the ’70s and ’90s are valued at nearly $300, reflecting the enduring appeal of this innovative toy.

I remember being indescribably excited when I got this toy for Christmas. I was convinced it was some kind of magic!

32. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1980s Action Figures: Up to $900

Image Credit: The Modern Emporium/ebay.

Emerging from the sewers in 1984 as comic book heroes and achieving massive popularity with their 1987 animated series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures were the stars of many late ’80s birthday parties. Now, mint condition figures can command $400 to $900, with rarer items fetching even higher prices.

33. Vintage Colorforms: $250 – $400

Image Credit: Curated Collectibles 401/ebay.

In an era where adult coloring books have surged in popularity, it’s no surprise that vintage Colorforms are highly sought after. These sets, with their vibrant backgrounds and reusable stickers, typically sell for around $250, with specific ’80s themes like Gremlins, Masters of the Universe, and Michael Jackson reaching up to $360.

34. Jem and the Holograms Dolls: $450

Image Credit: babubestore/ebay.

The ’80s gifted us with Jem and her truly outrageous band, The Holograms. These dolls, embodying the cartoon rocker and her friends, now fetch upwards of $450. It’s not just the dolls—accessories and related toys from the series are also commanding high prices, making them a dazzling find for collectors.

35. She-Ra, Princess of Power and Her Horse Swift Wind: $100 – $1,500

Image Credit: RetroXpress Thrift/ebay.

She-Ra, the iconic sister of He-Man, continues to captivate collectors with her bravery and strength. An original action figure of She-Ra alongside her trusted steed, Swift Wind, was recently listed for $1,500. Meanwhile, individual figures and their accessories typically range from $150 to $600, proving the enduring legacy of this Princess of Power. It was so refreshing to see a strong female character on screen.

36. Vintage Playmobil: $150 – $1,000

Image Credit: Recordsandstuff123/ebay.

Playmobil has been sparking children’s imaginations for decades, making vintage sets highly sought after by collectors. A 1995 Victorian Dollhouse and a knight’s castle from the same era have been listed for $1,000 and $239, respectively.

37. G.I. Joe Action Figures and Accessories: Prices Vary

Image Credit: rexflexall/ebay.

Since its debut in 1964, G.I. Joe has captivated collectors with its extensive range of action figures and accessories. Notably, items related to the “Cobra” enemy organization are particularly sought after, with a “Missile Command Center” fetching up to $16,000 and individual figures priced as high as $5,500. A rare prototype “Toy Soldier,” made before G.I. Joe’s official release, sold for a staggering $200,000 in 2003, highlighting the immense value these toys can hold.

38. Faker Action Figure: $1,000

Image Credit: funcol-23/ebay.

Faker, the evil robotic imposter from the He-Man series, may deceive in name but not in value. Collectors are willing to shell out $300 to $2,000 for an in-box Faker, making it a prized find for fans of the franchise.

39. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Dolls: $100 – $550

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Strawberry Shortcake and her dessert-named friends remain a sweet spot in the hearts of those who grew up in the 1980s. The original dolls now sell for between $100 to $550, particularly for those still in their original packaging, serving up a dose of nostalgia with a side of significant value.

40. Teddy Ruxpin: $500 – $1,000

Image Credit: mundsgarage/ebay.

Teddy Ruxpin, the storytelling bear that captivated children in the mid-80s with tales from audio cassettes, now fetches between $500 to $1,000 if in prime condition. The original 1985 Teddy Ruxpin, especially, commands a price of $1,640, proving that this animatronic companion has retained and grown in value over the years.

41. Digimon: Prices Vary

Image Credit: mgkcollectables/ebay.

Emerging as a rival to Pokemon, Digimon burst onto the scene in 1997 with virtual monsters that captured kids’ imaginations worldwide. Today, mint-condition Digimon toys and cards are sought after by collectors, with prices often exceeding $100, reflecting their continued popularity.

42. Lego Trains: $1,000 – $3,000

Image Credit: Barkley’s Buys/ebay.

Combining the universal appeal of Lego with the fascination of trains creates a collector’s dream. Vintage Lego train sets, ranging from Steam Cargo to High-Speed City Express, are now valued between $1,000 and $3,000.

43. Boba Fett Action Figure: $5,000+

Image Credit: 123karagiannis/ebay.

In the vast universe of Star Wars collectibles, Boba Fett stands out as a highly coveted action figure. Mint-condition, in-box versions of this fearsome bounty hunter have fetched as much as $200,000, highlighting the immense value of vintage Star Wars merchandise to collectors across the galaxy.

44. Vintage Rainbow Brite Dolls and Accessories: Up to $1,000

Image Credit: Dennis Collectibles Dolls And Toys/ebay.

The colorful world of Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, tasked with preserving color in the universe, left a lasting impression on many. Today, original dolls from this beloved animated series can command prices around $1,000, turning childhood memories into valuable collectibles.

45. Happy Meal Toys: $10 – $300

Image Credit: ovo_seller/ebay.

Since 1979, McDonald’s Happy Meals have delighted children with toys, creating a dedicated collector base. Unique collections, such as Disney-themed sets or Barbie assortments, can be found on eBay, with prices reaching around $300 for Disney characters and $135 for Barbies.

46. American Girl “Molly” Doll: $11,000

Image Credit: nygrenannie/ebay.

Though a new American Girl Doll costs around $120, discontinued models like Felicity, Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly could be worth thousands. If you’ve held onto one of these “out of print” dolls, complete with original clothing and accessories, you might be sitting on up to $11,000.

47. Baby All Gone: Around $70

Image Credit:Universal Tank/ebay.

Baby All Gone, the doll that ate and could be changed, remains a cherished toy from the past, now valued at around $70 on eBay. Its interactive features continue to make it a memorable and sought-after toy for collectors and nostalgists alike.

48. Easy-Bake Oven: Up to $300

Image Credit: levis-lady/ebay.

The Easy-Bake Oven, a staple of childhood kitchens from 1963 onwards, allowed kids to whip up miniature culinary creations under a light bulb. Today, these culinary toys can fetch up to $300, proving that good things—and tasty treats—come in small packages.

49. My Little Pony: $20 – $1,200+

Image Credit: bridge9880/ebay.

My Little Pony dolls have galloped from the ’90s into the hearts of collectors, with individual dolls from that era priced between $20 to $50 and sets reaching around $100. Rare editions from the late ’80s can command prices over $1,200. A mint in package first generation Blue Belle sold at auction for $1,225. These colorful equine friends have a lasting, nostalgic, collectible appeal.

50. Comic Books: Over $3 Million

Image Credit: Comic-Warehouse/ebay.

The realm of comic books holds some of the most valuable collectibles, with the first Superman comic leading the pack. Debuting in Action Comics No. 1 in 1938 and originally selling for 10 cents, this comic has reached over $3.2 million in value, setting the record for the most valuable comic book ever sold—a title once held by a copy owned by Nicholas Cage that sold for $2,161,000.

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