Book Review: Alpha Farm – a Prepper Chicks Novel – Where the Chicks Rule the Roost

Mom with a PREP | Alpha Farm - when the Chicks rule the roost!  It's not just fiction - it's a learning experience!

Fiction for the life after a disaster (whether you call it Post-apocalypic, Dystopian, WROL or Prepper Fiction) is dominated by men writing books that you sometimes need a technical manual to read if you aren’t already trained in the military. There’s not a lot given over to everyday life and times. There’s also not a lot given to female characters (as you’ll read me talk about here). So I always love when I find a good book written from a female point of view.

In this case, however, the female point of view isn’t given over to soft, fluffy girlie things, but a central cast of women who are strong in their own right, or on their way to becoming that way. Alpha Farm.

Alpha Farm: The Beginning (The Prepper Chick Series)

The Women

Imagine having a network of women who have banded together to help each other be prepared for whatever comes their way. And imagine the world, as you know it, takes a turn for the worse and you have no where to turn and no where to run, until you’ve been connected to this network.

Emma – being the matriarch of the network, is a strong female character who can do it all. She isn’t relegated to the kitchen while the big boys take center stage, though she knows her way around it. Nor does Emma set up a community based solely around herself. She’s helped develop a network of folks who are autonomous, yet connected, to help in an “Underground Railroad” of sorts for a grid-down situation when not everyone is safe.

Nina – a fiesty Senator from FL who is out to prove she can lead the land better than  her male counterparts and does what she must to get the job done, no matter the cost.

Shelby – an old school prepper who lived life her way, without modern conveniences.

Chloe – a woman of the world who must now rely on a man to help her survive, and jump to the challenge that has been presented before her.

Betsy- an Alpha Farm of her own, she and her family are a hub in the network, connecting up sister farms and making sure that those folks in need have help.

Angie – recovering from a sexual assault, her eyes are opened to the good and the bad in the world.

Megan – a single, homeschooling mom who is now responsible for her family, and the added weight of a child with special needs.

The Skills

Not only does Annie tell a good story, but she also shares skills, lists and ideas. You’ll learn things like making your own vanilla and lemon/orange extracts, have a working checklist of PREParedness items to keep onhand, using an emergency binder, being a well-armed woman, and so much more.  Annie also links you to outside sources where you can learn more about being prepared, using antibiotics, and more.

The Story

While there is a larger life changing event that unfolds for all of the characters, each have their own personal events to struggle through in the story. The big event takes a back seat to the struggles and dreams each of the women have and are dealing with. You’ll move from folks completely unprepared but open to folks who are the epitomy of self-sufficient folk, all willing to lend a hand and help each other out, unless of course, you’re the bad guy.

The story is not watered down just because it is a book by a woman. This is a strong PG-13/R rated book, full of human struggle and grid-down depravity on the part of some characters.  Ididn’t find it full of gore, but there is strong language, some violence, and loss of life plus the agony that goes with it all.

What I loved most about this book is that I could sit down, get into the lives of characters, learn about techniques, gain knowledge, and just enjoy myself without having to slog through all the tech. Sometimes that is good, but sometimes I really do like a story to be a story and not a techn manual ! I loved when Annie slipping into teaching mode through Emma, and can just imagine that she would be an awesome women to spend time with and learn more about a PREPared life.

Your Thoughts: If you’ve read it, tell us what you thought about the book!

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Mom with a PREP | Alpha Farm - when the Chicks rule the roost! It's not just fiction - it's a learning experience!

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