Best 5 Portable Battery-Operated Heaters in 2023

Lately, more and more web searchers look for battery-operated heaters online because of their multiple outdoor activities. But even though the idea seems plausible, unfortunately, there are no space heaters powered by batteries that will work well enough. Some heaters are not run by battery alone, others need kerosene to function. And it’s somewhat hard to find a heater that fits your preference. Especially when people are rushing to buy some for winter season preparation.

The majority of people are looking in fact for space heaters when searching for battery-operated heaters. Most of them are powered by electricity, and you need to plug them into a power outlet or wire them to your electric grid.

Best Battery Operated Heaters
Best Battery Operated Heaters

One battery, no matter how powerful it is, does not provide enough energy to heat, even for just a small area in your bedroom or bathroom. So, a battery-operated heater could be a nice idea, but unfortunately, it would not work for as long as you need it to. Yet, a battery can power smaller heating devices, such as hand warmers. Most of them are also comfortable to take with you on long walks or camping trips because of their little dimensions. The battery-operated heater also makes it easier for you to bring it up anywhere. They are one of the essential supplies that you must have whenever there is no electricity during severe weather.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Portable Battery Operated Heaters

We checked several factors before completing our ratings. Here are some of the most important criteria to be taken into consideration when choosing the top five portable battery-operated heaters:

  • Positive online reviews from customers and experts;
  • Length of heat after a battery charge;
  • Heating and temperature level choices;
  • Built-in safety measures;
  • More uses for the heater (fan for car heaters or phone charger for hand warmers, etc.);
  • Manufacturer repair/return policy and customer service;
  • The inclusion of an adapter or cord;
  • User manual or instructions.

However, the needed time for the heater or hand warmer to reach the optimal temperature is also important. Accessories, such as a pouch or lanyard (to hold the device around your neck), also adds value for the consumer.

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Our Top 5 Portable Battery Operated Heaters in 2023

Although battery-operated heaters are a little hard to come by, there are some that are definitely worth checking out and have a multitude of purposes. This Top 5 that our team prepared for you is filled with customers’ feedback and the products’ real features.

So, let’s start with our first favorite!

1. Electric Hand Warmer From The Outdoors Way

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Hand warmers are great for outdoor activities, such as hunting, skiing, hiking, or fishing. Moreover, this particular battery-operated heater features two heat settings – 105 degrees (warm) and 115 degrees (high heat).

This Outdoors Way hand warmer gets hot enough to keep you toasty.  But not so hot, that it will burn bare skin like other similar products. Also, one-time charging should last from five to seven hours depending on how long you use it.

One of the product’s first features is that it has a plug-in cable. So, you may plug the cable that comes with the hand warmer, into a 110-volt adapter plug. Plug one end of the cable into the recharging side of the hand warmer, and the other into the wall outlet. The device warms up in 10 to 15 seconds. So, if the cooler weather keeps you indoors, the hand warmer from the Outdoors Way will make sports and daily tasks more comfortable.

Furthermore, this rechargeable hand warmer comes with a carry pouch and phone charger. It is available in metallic silver and pink. The device also has a small flashlight to provide light at night, and an SOS strobe to contact emergency help. The flash will alert other drivers if you are stuck on the road and need assistance.

Finally, the company will replace the hand warmer at no charge during the first year, if it stops working and the Outdoors Way also donates to Breast Cancer Awareness when you buy a pink hand warmer.


  • It was kept by a customer in his sleeping bag by the feet, and it worked all night.
  • The size fits in the pocket without being too bulky.
  • The pink version stays charged a little longer than the silver unit.


  • Could be more ergonomic. The shape is nice, but it is a little awkward for me to hold in both hands.

2. Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power Bank

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This hand warmer is shaped like a pebble and is easy to carry during the coldest days. You can use this device to warm your hands while fishing, hunting, skiing, or camping.

First of all, the Letouch hand warmer offers three temperature levels to provide constant heat to both hands. The three temperatures available: are 104-113 degrees F, 113-122 degrees F, and 122-131 degrees F.

Moreover, the device heats up in three seconds, and shuts off automatically after an hour, to save the battery. Remember that for the 7800mAh option, you need to charge the battery for two to three hours. On the other side, you only have to charge the battery for between 1 and 3 hours for the less powerful option.

The pebble design not only warms your hands, but it helps soothe pain from arthritis, Raynaud’s Disease, and menstruation. Also, the product’s structure has a special safety system that protects it against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. Not to mention that the battery is manufactured using environmentally friendly polymer, so if you are an eco-lover, this is the option for you.

As a customer’s advice: you should put the hand warmer on a cloth pouch to avoid burns on delicate skin. Also, you should avoid charging and using the heater at the same time.

The Letouch Hand Warmer has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. The unit comes with a cloth pouch, USB cable, instruction manual, and lanyard.


  • An outdoor photographer commented that the Letouch hand warmer heats up quickly and will not drop below 120 degrees for four hours.
  • Online buyers returned this product with 29 fewer percentages than they did regarding similar products.


  • Avoid charging and using the heater at the same time.

3. AmazonBasics 500-Watt Ceramic Mini Electric Space Heater

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This compact personal space heater is small enough for tables or desktops and features efficient ceramic coils that heat up in seconds. The heater is also available in 4 colors to custom-match your decor.

Even though it is quite small, when used in close quarters, or even when left in an average-sized bathroom, this 500-watt space heater can leave the air feeling drier and significantly warmer from wall to wall.

Also, AmazonBasics products are not known for being equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Their simplicity is the main source of their extremely budget-friendly price tags. This 500-watt space heater is no different. It does not come with remote control, a thermostat, a built-in timer, oscillation, or overheat protection. This is a straightforward, plug-and-go space heater with a non-heating cord and an on/off switch.


  • Includes tip-over protection for extra safety.
  • Ideal for small spaces, at home or at the office.
  • Last but not least, the heater is eligible for a return, refund, or replacement.


  • The space heater won’t be so effective in a larger room.
  • One thing that’s missing in the AmazonBasics 500-watt Space Heater is a cool-to-the-touch grill. What this means is that the metal grill will become almost as hot as the coils which can become a real fire hazard while standing on its base.

4. BESWORLD Car Heater 2 in 1 – Heating Fan/Cooling Fan

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[amazon fields=” B01MRMKAP2″ value=”button”]

This car heater is suitable for all 12V vehicles and has two setting modes: heating and cooling. It will help you de-fogging/defrost in the winter and keep the car cool in summer. So, the product is very suitable as a car companion for your family or friends no matter the season. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle and turn it on.

Defrost/defog/cool, and quickly heat up the car’s air in only 3 seconds. The car heater effectively allows you to quickly defrost or defog the windows so that you can get on the road and reach your destination. You will not wait in cold weather anymore!


  • Easily adjust the orientation and angle.
  • The heater is small and exquisite, so it will not block the line of sight.
  • This item can be returned in its original condition for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt.


  • This car defroster is a car anti-fog device and is not designed to heat your entire car.

5. Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat GiveBest

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First of all, safety! These heaters are made of flame-retardant material avoiding any fire hazard. An automatic safety shutoff system will shut the heater off when the heater overheats. The tip-over protection system will also shut the heater off when the heater was knocked over by accident and it will come back on automatically if it is uprighted.

With the dimensions of 7.9 inch x 6.2 inch x 10.2 inch, and 2.9 pounds, the portable mini heater with a built-in carry handle helps to reinforce the potential of rather low electrical bills by using it at the place where you need it when you don’t want to warm the full house with other centralized heaters. In addition, the heater has a thermostat that helps keep a stable temperature you set, so the heater can be warm and energy-saving.


  • This ceramic heater provides two heat levels, 1500W or 750W, and one cool air fan.
  • The thermostat control of the heater will turn the heater off when it reaches a preset temperature and turn the heater back on when the temperature dips below the thermostat setting.
  • These heaters are made of flame-retardant material avoiding any fire hazard.


  • After several months, the product started shutting down for no reason, noticed some customers.
  • Some customers complained about the noise the room heater makes.

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What is the Rechargeable Battery Powered Heater for you?

So, if you need to keep warm outdoors or while working in a cold garage, the battery-powered hand warmers we have recommended will keep you toasty. Regarding car heaters, we know that run-on batteries can be problematic, but they will still heat up the interior of your vehicle on chilly days.

While there are no space heaters powered by batteries, you can choose from a wide selection of heaters with other energy sources, including electricity, propane, and oil. You will find these space heaters in all sizes and shapes, so you can adapt them to your needs. Also if you are the type of person who loves to go on an adventure and likes a cup of hot coffee in the morning in the forest, a battery-operated heater must take the presidential spot on your bag.

Overall, these were our top five battery-operated heaters based on vast research and genuine opinions from real customers. It is important to mention that you should purchase these products only regarding your needs. This is the final and most important criterion when making a purchase decision of any kind! You will be the final user, so try to adapt the market to your own desires.

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Have you finally figured out what brand of battery-operated heaters suits you? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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