My Favorite First Aid App (it’s Free)

First aid can be a tough subject.  Obviously, most of us would want to help someone else who was in trouble.  But, some thoughts might keep you from offering assistance:


What if I can’t remember the correct procedure?


There are probably others better trained than I am


What if I do more harm than good?

 First Aid App

These thoughts might stop you from helping and understandabley so.  I’ve taken many first aid courses, but since I (and the general public) don’t really (thankfully) get an opportunity to use these skills on a regular basis, it can be scary and nerve wracking when faced with a situation where we need to.

I’ve found a solution that works for me, and I’d like to share it with you:  I’ve added a great first aid app to my phone!

Now, I don’t recommend relying solely on your phone!  First, you should seek training.  You can find classes from the Red Cross here.  You can also find completely free online courses here.

In addition,  I encourage having printable reminder cards (like those here, here and here) in case your phone is unavailable or out of battery or you don’t use a smart phone.

But in our current society, the truth is that many (most?) of us have smart phones that are almost always on our person.  Adding a first aid app makes them just a bit smarter and puts something powerful – potentially lifesaving – in our hands.  That builds confidence real quick!

My Favorite First Aid App

There are a lot of first aid apps available and truth be told, most of the quality ones cost money.  But I don’t like to spend money if I can avoid it!

My very favorite (Quality AND Free) first aid app is the First Aid by American Red Cross App.  I love it because:

  • It is FREE for Android and iOS and Kindle
  • It will well designed and easy to find useful information quickly
  • You don’t need wifi to use it
  • It is fully integrated with 911 so you can call EMS from the app at any time.
  • The step by step first aid instructions are simple and easy to follow
  • In addition to first aid info, it includes safety tips for various natural disasters
  • It has a “learning” section with videos, quizzes and badges you can share on social media (which encourages others to brush up on their first aid as well)
  • They also offer a separate Pet First Aid App for all you pet lovers out there!


Getting this app on every phone in your home won’t take you more than a few minutes, but it just may be lifesaving.  Go do it now!


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6 thoughts on “My Favorite First Aid App (it’s Free)”

  1. Love this app I have had the First Aid by the American Red Cross app on my cell phone for years! I’m now installing the pet first aid app. Thank you Misty for sharing these wonderful apps

  2. Thanks so much for the first aid apps – I too usually ‘freak out’ during an emergency situation – so having both the 1st aid & pet 1st aid at my fingertips is great. 🙂


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