How To Use Freeze Dried Corn

I love freeze-dried corn.  This was the very first Thrive product my kids and I tried. When the kids first saw it at my Mom’s house, they whined up a storm and said it looked gross and ugly.

They weren’t really wrong.

It’s definitely not the most appetizing looking food.

But we have a kind of unspoken rule in our house. We teach our kids that you should try everything at least once no matter what it looks like. 

So, when our kids are faced with a new (and ugly) food, we just have to remind them that this is how we roll.

So, the boys gave in and we all tried it.  The boys actually responded with a “Hey mom, you were teasing us, this tastes like candy!”  Then they proceeded to grab a whole handful of that dehydrated corn goodness.

Since that time, anything that comes to our house in a Thrive can is called “candy.”  We get strawberry candy and asparagus candy and even butter candy (though the aren’t allowed to eat that one out of the can!)

So, when I say that I love the corn, I really do mean it. 

It is fantastic both dry and hydrated. 

It tastes nothing like canned corn, it is much more like fresh corn on the cob. It is incredibly sweet!  But that isn’t because of any sugar that’s been added. 

In fact, it has no additives at all, it is 100% fresh corn that has just had the water removed.

How to rehydrate freeze-dried corn

The corn can be used in soups, casseroles and stews, but it is also fantastic all by itself as a side dish. We eat it weekly as a standalone side dish.

To hydrate it the corn, add about equal amounts corn and warm or hot water to a bowl. 

As you can see below, the corn will float to the top.  Just make sure you stir it around real quick every 2-3 minutes. 

It takes about 10-15 minutes to completely hydrate depending on how hot your water is:

You can see that the corn will start “soaking up” a lot of that water. 

Once it is completely hydrated I will drain the remaining water and return the corn to the bowl.  Sometimes we eat it just as is, and sometime I sprinkle some butter powder over it to make a fantastic sweet buttered corn! 

bowl of corn ready to eat
Image Credit: Canva

Freeze-dried corn information & conversions

All of the information in this article is specific to Thrive brand freeze-dried sweet corn.

Each #10 can contains about 12 cups of dry corn. It expands a bit when you add the water, but not much. I get about 14-15 cups (hydrated) out of a #10 can.

If you compare it to canned corn, it is about $0.30-$0.50 more per 15 oz can. It is about the same price as frozen corn.

Shelf Life
25 years unopened and 18 months opened.



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  1. Yeah, our kids love it too, we’ve not even tried it rehydrated, except in recipes, but its a huge hit! And i’m very skeptical of hearing “My kids LOVE it” because i’m convinced that everyone else’s children are FAR more progressive than mine 🙂 This one truly IS child friendly 🙂


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