Freeze Dried Yogurt Tip

Thrive freeze dried yogurt is tasty right out of the can.  It seriously tastes like candy. The pomegranate is a favorite so far.  My kids love it.  It just melts in your mouth. It has a 25 year shelf life, and it even contains live active cultures: awesome!

If you actually want to hydrate it and use it as yogurt, here is what I recommend for 1/2 cup of yogurt:

Step #1: Crush 2 cups of the bites to a powder
Step #2: Add powder to 1/2 cup warm water (do not add the water to the powder)
Step #3: Chill for 20-30 minutes
Step #4:  not required  (-:: Top with granola and Thrive Fruit
Step #5: Enjoy!

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