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Even though I didn’t have a large garden this year myself, I’ve still been reaping the benefits of fresh garden produce from friends and co-workers.  This week a co-worker generously offered me a bag of fresh picked green beans.  Who could refuse?   So this month’s canning “recipe” is for home canned green beans.


Canning green beans requires pressure canning instead of hot water bath canning because they are a low acid food and these will not be pickled.  However, it really isn’t anymore difficult.  You will still need all your basic canning supplies, a clean environment and great produce.  For ingredients, all you will need is your beans, water and some salt.   The main difference is that you need a pressure canner/cooker.


green beans for canning

Fresh washed green beans ready for canning


For using your specific pressure canner, read your instructions that came with it.  It will basically require you to put a few quarts in your canner to start, add your jars with lids, properly attach the cover, let the steam release, let the pressure build, cook for allotted time and then cool down.  I have two different pressure canners and both came with booklets that explain the process very well.

pressure canner

Pressure canner/cooker


Step One: Gather and Prep your ingredients

To start the process you will still clean and prep your produce.  With the green beans, wash, trim both ends and cut into 1-2″ pieces.

fresh cut green beans for canning

Trimmed and cut green beans ready for canning

Step Two: Fill your jars

Today I used the raw pack method for my beans.  After trimming and cutting, I pack my beans tightly into hot sterilized pint jars leaving 1″ headspace.  At this point you can add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to each pint if you desire (1 t/quart).  Once the jars are filled with the beans, fill them with boiling water again leaving 1″ headspace.  Remove air bubbles and place lids and rings on jars.

green beans in jars for canning

Green beans in jars ready for canning

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 Step Three: Pressure can your jars

Place your jars in your pressure canner, position and attach your lid, proceed per your canner’s instructions.  Pints of green beans require cooking for 20 minutes Once your canner has cooled, remove your lid and jars. Let your jars cool and check your lids to make sure they have all sealed.  Now you can enjoy wonderful vegetables this winter and know exactly what is or isn’t in them.  Enjoy!

fresh canned green beans

Freshly canned Green Beans


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