Introducing the Mom with a PREP Newsletter

For those of you who are beginning to break up with Facebook, or those of you who do not like to just surf blogs all day, or those of you who have a hard time remember to go to your blog reader every day, or those who just like info neatly delivered to their inbox to read at will….

Each week, you’ll receive a newsletter with everything published on Mom with a, plus other inspirational information I’ve found along the way.

Here’s my promise:

I will not sell give rent or otherwise expose your information to anyone else for any reason. I cannot promise that the NSA won’t hack into things <grin>. I respect you too much to sell you out like that!

I promise to send you updates of all the information published on Mom with a Prep, as well as inspirational information I’ve found on the net, and even an occasional exclusive how-to for just the newsletter readers.

I promise I will not constantly spam you with must-have offers. I won’t promise that you might not get an extra newsletter every great once in awhile for something amazing, but I don’t see that happening very often at all. I value your time too much for that.

I don’t promise a free e-book, 40,000 gluten-recipes, or a video of the 100 things to disappear in a grid-down situation nor will I share the secret to reducing male patterned baldness. This is simply another avenue to share information for those of you who prefer having it arrive in their inbox.

Thanks, again, for being such supportive readers and followers!



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