Know Your Phone Numbers (10 Minute Preparedness Project)

How many phone calls do you make each day?  How many of those phone numbers that you are calling do you have memorized?  Do you know your spouse’s number?  Do you know your parents’ and siblings’?  How about any of your neighbor’s numbers?  What about your home, car, or health insurance company?

Now, think….what if your cell phone was dead?  What if you drop it in the bathtub or leave it at a restaurant?  How will you get in touch with anyone?

phone book for recording important phone numbers
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How to Learn the Phone Numbers?

 Make sure you can get in touch with friends and family and other important people (like your insurance companies, doctors, pharmacies, etc.) no matter what, even if you can’t access your phone or your computer.

Take 10 minutes and go through your phone.  Write down all those important numbers on a small piece of paper and put them in your purse or wallet and the glove compartment of your car and your kid’s backpacks.  Easy Peasy!

I’ve found that there are lots of reasons that keep people from becoming better prepared or more self-reliant. But as a young mom, one of the top reasons is time or rather a lack of time.

But really, I don’t think we young moms are alone….

I think that many, if not most, in our fast-paced society feel that time slips through their fingers regularly. And when feeling rushed and anxious, it can be difficult to invest time in becoming more prepared and self-reliant.

10 Minute Preparedness Projects

But every one of us can find 10 minutes, right? Every few weeks, I challenge myself to spend 10 minutes on preparedness and self-reliance and I invite you to join me! Simple, right?

You can see all the 10 minutes preparedness projects here: 10 Minute (or less) Preparedness Projects.

Preparedness Projects that can be completed in 10 minutes or less From Simple Family Preparedness.



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