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How Lipstick Can Light His Fire in More Ways Than One

Momwith a PREP | How to start 'his fire' with lipstick, chapstick, lip balm, etc. #prepare4life #firestarting #survival

I am not a girlie girl, far from it, but after watching an episode of “Dude, You’re Screwed” on Discover Channel with my family not long ago, you bet I’m going to advocate you carrying some kind of lip treatment in your everyday carry!

Lipstick, and many other lip treatment products like lip balm, contains waxes and oils like beeswax, mineral oil, cocoa butter and petrolatum. Surprisingly, some even contain pig fat (helps with shine). All of these ingredients share something in common – they are flammable :)  (makes you think twice about your lipstick, doesn’t it?)

In the television show, one of the men was sent out into the wilderness of his particular scenario with a variety of odd objects, including some lipstick. Of course his teammates razzed him about looking pretty while he tried to survive, but it turned out the lipstick actually helped save him from hypothermia.

If you have any kind of tinder and want to give it a little extra boost from whatever fire starting method you’re able to use in the emergency situation, coat your tinder in a good bit of lipstick for a good spark of encouragement to light up the night. It works the same way the basic premise of putting petroleum jelly on cotton balls and storing in a container for some emergency tinder). Even if you’ve opted to go out for the evening with only a clutch, you’ll be one step ahead to make sure you put some lipstick in…just in case you run into an emergency on the way to the ball!

And it’s sure to light his fire to see you be so self-sufficient!

Momwith a PREP | How to start 'his fire' with lipstick, chapstick, lip balm, etc.


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