One question I’m often asked by those looking to purchase food storage or food rotation systems at a discount is:

Where can I find a coupon code for Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance)?
Thrive Life Shelf Reliance Coupon Code

Short Answer:

The answer is simple:  ME!  I am your Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) “coupon!” I am an authorized independent consultant for Thrive Life, which means I can give you the lowest available price on all Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) products.


Detailed Answer:

Thrive Life does not have actual coupon codes.  They used to, when they were a retail company.  But as of 2010, they sell their products in two ways: (1) direct, (2) through independent consultants.  You can also still find a few of their products at Costco, but these will soon be gone.

But Thrive has a contract with their consultants that they will always be able to sell their products for the lowest price.  If you are purchasing through a consultant,  you are getting the lowest price.


How much will you save?

Just how much am I “worth” as your THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) coupon?  Well, you will pay 5%-48% less than retail price when you shop through my THRIVE Life website, but your savings will vary depending on the product.


1.  Unadvertised Specials: Save up to 48%

These packages are the most discounted items I can offer you and you will save up to 48% off retail when purchasing them.  These are packages that are not available at all on the Thrive Live website.  They can only be purchased if you are working with a consultant.  I must use my consultant account to place your order for you.  The order still goes directly to Thrive and they still ship it out, but you can’t place this order on your own online.  Order them with me HERE.


2. The Thrive Q: Extra coupon and 3% rebate

Customers who create a Thrive Q (details on The Q here) get one additional coupon (called the QPon) each month.  Bascially, this is simply access to a more deeply discounted product each month.

Customers who create a Thrive Q with a monthly budget of $100 or more also receive a 3% “rebate” back on their purchases that can be used as a credit toward future purchases at Thrive.


3.  Thrive food storage individual cans, cases and regular packages: Save 5%-20%
You will save 5%-20% when you Thrive Food with me as your consultant.  You can find the main Thrive Food (usually 3%-7% off retail) page HERE and the current monthly specials (usually 10%-20% off retail) HERE.


4. Food Rotation Systems: Save 35%-50%
You will save 35%-50% off food rotation systems at Thrive Life when you are linked to me as your consultant
*You may need to add some items to your cart in order to see the discount.*

For example:


Common Question:

One common question I get after people visit this page is:

But if I type in “” the price are the same as if I go to your Thrive website. 

People feel tricked, and I get that.

But, there is no trick, just a safety net to make sure you get the lower prices.  Once you have visited a consultant’s website (even if it was 5 years ago and you didn’t even realize it), Thrive Life will “remember” that you found them through a consultant and will only show you the discounted price.

You can tell you are linked to me when on the Thrive Life website if you see something in the top right corner of your screen that says: “Your Consultant: Misty Marsh”

If you really want to see the difference in price, let me know ([email protected]) and I will email you a price list that shows the retail price and my price.


So, there you go:  ME–the easiest THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) coupon code ever!  
Aren’t you glad you “know” me?

© Copyright Misty Marsh, March 2011