I love quotes–yes even preparedness quotes.

I am motivated when I read wise words written by others–those who have been where I am and have moved forward–those with more wisdom than I now have. Especially on improvements in my spiritual self-reliance.

Today I want to share with you, on a deeper level, one of the biggest reasons why I work on emergency preparedness.

Mormon Preparedness Quotes

I’m a Mormon–aka a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I believe those that lead the LDS (short for “Latter-Day Saint”) church are wiser and more experienced than I am, but more importantly, I believe they have been called by God–and given the authority to lead His church.

So, when they speak, I listen.  I take what they teach, and I pray about it.  I ask for my own personal confirmation that it is what God would have me do.  Then I also ask for the strength to follow what they have taught (which is sometimes very difficult).

Best 10 LDS Preparedness Quotes

Today, I wanted to share with you some of what they have taught about emergency preparedness.  I have 10 Mormon preparedness quotes from General Conference for you!

Even if you don’t believe as I do and are a member of a different religion (or not religious at all), the LDS church is a great authority on preparedness.  They have been studying it and teaching about it for nearly 200 years.  They have thousands of volunteers that work on farms and food storage centers helping others to get better prepared. Just another reason to restore our faith in humanity.

So, I thought I’d list just a few of my favorite quotes first.

Favorite Preparedness Quote #1

Many more people could ride out the storm-tossed waves in their economic lives if they had their year’s supply of food and were debt free.  Today we find that many have followed this counsel in reverse: They have at least a year’s supply of debt and are food-free. ~President Thomas S. Monson

I love this.  It’s a bit funny–not crazy scary.  But real.  True.  I want to ride out those storm-tossed waves.  Most of us will face some sort of financial difficulty (health bills, recession, job loss, etc), and I want to be prepared.

Favorite Preparedness Quote #2

As we do our very best, we can be confident that “the barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail.”  We shall enjoy greater wisdom, security, peace of mind, and personal well-being. ~Bishop Keith B. McMullin

I am all about just doing our best–not doing it ALL–just what we can when we can.  Small consistent steps.  And what a beautiful, comforting promise!

Favorite Preparedness Quote #3

I bear my humble witness to you that the great God of heaven will open doors and means in a way we never would have supposed to help all those who truly want to get their year’s supply. ~Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone

Another fantastic promise.  But I also love the “in a way we never would have supposed” part.  God’s ways are not our ways.

Favorite Preparedness Quote #4

We have been taught that we should build our reserves over a period of time, that we should not go into debt to do so, that we should buy those things we use and use them on a rotation basis, that we should use common sense in preparing ourselves to be independent and self-reliant.  There has never been extremism or fanaticism associated with these teachings. ~Elder Victor L. Brown

We aren’t to be “extreme Preppers.”  There is no need to go crazy or get everything done immediately.  Working on our “reserves”–and all of the emergency preparedness really–should happen “over a period of time.”

Favorite Preparedness Quote #5

Surely we all hope that the hour of need will never come.  Some have said, ‘We have followed this counsel in the past and have never had need to use our year’s supply, so we have difficulty keeping this in mind as a major priority.’  Perhaps following this counsel could be the reason why they have not needed to use their reserve. ~President James E. Faust

For me, this goes right along with quote #3 above.  God’s ways are not our ways.  He WILL bless us, but it may not be in the ways we expect.  It may simply be a test of our obedience–as with Abraham and Issac–so that God knows what He can trust us with.

Favorite Preparedness Quote #6

Be faithful, my brothers and sisters, to this counsel and you will be blessed.  Let us be in a position so we are able to not only feed ourselves through the home production and storage, but others as well. ~President Ezra Taft Benson

No selfishness!  Yes, we need to care for our own, but we also need to be willing to share with others.  You can read more about my thoughts on this here:  Why Generosity and Spiritual Self-Reliance Matter in Emergencies.

Favorite Preparedness Quote #7

Noah heeded God’s command to build and ark…that they might be saved from the flood waters.  Yet, there was no evidence of rain and flood.  His actions were considered irrational. The sun was shining and life moved forward as usual.  But time ran out.  The floods came, the disobedient were drowned.  When God speaks and we obey, we will always be right. ~President Thomas S. Monson

Sometimes it can be hard (yes, even for me) to put priority on emergency preparedness and self-reliance because life is so good right now.  It can be difficult to set aside money we’d really rather use for fun, enjoyable things to follow this counsel.  Yet, if we do, we will be blessed!

Favorite Preparedness Quote #8

A cardinal principle of the gospel is to prepare for the day of scarcity.  Work, industry, frugality are part of the royal order of life.  ~Bishop Keith B. McMullin

This supports quote #5.  We aren’t doing this just so that we are prepared for the next natural disaster.  We work, are frugal, prepare and become self-reliant because it is the right, way to live.

Favorite Preparedness Quote #9

We need to make both temporal and spiritual preparation for the events prophesied at the time of the Second Coming.  And the preparation most likely to be neglected is the one less visible and more difficult–the spiritual.  A 72-hour kit of temporal supplies may prove valuable for earthly challenges, but, as the foolish virgins learned to their sorrow, a 24-hour kit of spiritual preparation is of greater value and worth.  ~Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Oh my heavens, YES!  We can’t know what temporal challenges await us–but God DOES.  And the goal isn’t just to get through the temporal challenges; it is to grow and become better through them.  That only happens if we are spiritually prepared and able to rely on the Savior.  You can find more on my thoughts about this here: The Most Important Preparation for Life’s Storms.

Favorite Preparedness Quote #10

We can begin ever so modestly.  We can begin with a one week’s food supply and gradually build it to a month, and then to three months.  I fear that so many feel that a long-term food supply is so far beyond their reach that they make no effort at all.  Begin in a small way…and gradually build toward a reasonable objective  ~President Gordon B. Hinckley

This is the theme I sing here at Simple Family Preparedness:  small consistent steps will bring big results over time.  And they are doable! God doesn’t expect–or want–us to do it ALL RIGHT NOW.  He just wants us to start, and then keep going.

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Final Thoughts

I’d love to know–do you have a favorite preparedness quote?  If so, share it in the comments below! My favorite is quote number 5. It really strengthens my mental fortitude.

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Best LDS Preparedness Quotes


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