September Is National Preparedness Month!

Did you know that since 2004, September has been National Preparedness Month in the United States? 

September was chosen as National Preparedness Month, as the tragedies of September 11th, 2001 highlighted to the nation the importance of being prepared.

There will be lots going on all over the nation / internet!  The first thing I would suggest you do is to join the  National Preparedness Community which is part of FEMA.  You will pledge to do something to better prepare your family this month and be able to attend events / classes in your region!

My Plans

I have some fun plans for this month as well and I’d love to have you take part in them! I will post a brief overview of what I’ve got planned here today.

Each Monday during National Preparedness Month (September), I will post details about what I’m challenging myself to do that week.

Then the following Saturday I will followup and let you know how it went!  I’d love for you to join me in my challenge each week and support each other with comments, suggestions and ideas!  Here is what I’ve got planned:

September 2nd – 7th:
September 9th – 14th:
  • Followup Post: Vegetable Barley Beef Soup
  • September 16th – 21st:

    September 30th:

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    8 thoughts on “September Is National Preparedness Month!”

    1. My food stores meal is our Deer chili mac.
      1 – 2 lb sleeve of deer meat from our freezer.
      2 – pint jars of my husbands tomato meal starter he cans each year. (ground and diced tomatoes, diced onion, salt and pepper to taste, diced green bell pepper)
      12 oz macaroni cooked and drained. We buy macaroni in bulk and then vac-u-seal in quart jars with our lid sealer.

      Brown meat in large skillet drain (usually not needed) and put into 2 quart pot, add jars of tomato starter, 2 tsp chili powder (or to your own taste). Cook and drain macaroni then add to pot. Mix well add water if needed to desired thickness and bring to boiling. Dip out into serving bowls and top with cheddar cheese, sour cream or your favorite topping. I like mine with cheese and crushed saltines.

    2. Do you not worry about registering with FEMA and filling out a preparedness pledge that the government may use these lists in the future to go and find those on the list to be able to confiscate preps from us to use for themselves or others? THe government is already trying to stop citizens from being able to grow their own food, raise their own livestock, package their own foods but making it so hard that the LDS are closing their canneries. I for one am all for attending classes and meet up prepping groups but I am not going to give them my info freely. It is bad enough knowing they may in the future confiscate your own email lists under national security and get my info and come knowing on my door that way.

      • I know that is a concern for a lot of people Linda and I’m sure there is some validity to it. But my general philosophy is a bit different. I do feel that everyone should do all they can to prepare and be self reliant. But I also believe that some are better at it than others. Some are more talented. Some have more resources etc. I happen to be good at it and have the financial resources to be well prepared. Others have other talents, and often their talents benefit me. So, my purpose in preparing my family is with the INTENT to share with others. I prepare so I can better give to others in need. I have a very deep faith in God as well and I believe that if I do all I can, truly, all I can, then God will care for me and help me care for others. No, I don’t want the government forcing my hand, but I do intend and want to give away my “preps” as needed. So, it isn’t as much of a fear for me. Fear is not my motivation at all. I get though that not everyone feels the same, and that is fine! We are all different. I understand the fear, I just don’t feel it. Some may call that naive. (-: But I’m totally fine (and even expect), that many of my readers will choose not to add their name to the list!

    3. This sounds AWESOME. You can count me in. I am looking forward to it. My husband and I were just talking about getting all of our ducks in a row and see where we are lacking. Thank Misty, you are amazing 🙂

    4. Thank you! I’ve been working on a preparedness list – this is just what I need to get me moving forward!

      looking forward to following you through the month!


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