New Product Announcement: THRIVE Spices & Seasonings!

Your Request Fulfilled

Since I became a THRIVE Life (formally THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance)) consultant 2 1/2 years ago, I’ve gotten lot of requests for new products.  There is one request I get far more often than all the others:

“When will THRIVE offer freeze dried spices?”

I finally have an answer!  Now!  THRIVE Life announced at convention 2013 that they will now be offering freeze dried spices!  I am thrilled about this!  What “home store” is truly complete without spices and seasonings?  There just aren’t any recipes that you can really make without them!  I’ve already started using these in my cooking and I’m thrilled with this new product!  Way to go THRIVE Life Product and development team as well as Chef Todd (THRIVE Life’s professional chef) for these new products!

Freeze Dried vs Dehydrated

I want to be clear: these are freeze dried spices, NOT dehydrated!  That means a few things:

  • They are much more flavorful than the dehydrated spices you buy at the grocery store.  This means you can use less for the same effect which saves money!  In fact, Chef Todd (THRIVE Life’s professional chef), put fresh, dehydrated and freeze dried herbs all in a bowl of water and let them all sit for the same amount of time.  He then had a group blind taste the different waters and the freeze dried herb water was the most flavorful!
  • They have a much longer shelf life!  Freeze dried spices will lasts 25 years!  WOW!  In fact, THRIVE Life has created a patented pop-top packaging system for these herbs just for the purpose of maintaining their shelf life.   And as with all THRIVE products, the cans these are in are double lined on the exterior and interior.


I’m guessing your first question is:

“How expensive are they?”

Because with all those benefits, you’d expect to pay more, right?  Wrong.  These are FAR less than what I’ve been paying for freeze dried herbs at the grocery store.  They are actually about the same, or even a bit less than what you’d pay for quality dehydrated products!

There are 9 new herbs / blends to choose from at this time:



.                         Chives
                       Oregano                           Parsley  .                   Peppercorn
Chef Todd’s Choice Blend

Italian Seasonings Blend

Salad Seasoning Blend


Or, you can get all of them at once in a variety pack:

Let me know if you have any questions!  I’d also love to hear about your experiences as you start using these new spices and seasonings!

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