You may have heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  This couldn’t be more true when it comes to identity theft.   The steps you might take to prevent it are incredibly small compared to the steps you would need to take to fix it if it happens to you.



The passwords you use for your online accounts are one important piece of your online identity.  These passwords should:

  • Combine capital and lowercase letters, numbers AND symbols.
  • Be unique.  Every unique account should have a unique password.
  • Be changed at least once a year.

So why is this so hard to do?  Well….in our online world today, we each have upteen gillion passwords and it is simpler to use an easy to remember, similar (or the exact same) password for each account and then NEVER change it.  Right?

But I for one do NOT want to deal with identity theft.  I’ve had to deal with someone finding and using my credit card number and that was bad enough.  The idea of someone having access to my entire online world and even my actual identity is overwhelming.

So, I’ve decided to apply an “ounce of prevention.” And I’ve created a fantastic little printable to make it easy for you to do the same!  Filling out this form will take you far less time than fighting for your identity will if you are hacked somehow! Also,  you won’t have to remember each and every password (you may want to memorize the most important few), because you will have them all written down!

Print out as many of this password printable that you need.  Write down all the important information for each account.  Then store this sheet away from your computer in a safe inconspicuous place in your home.  You may also consider giving a copy to a trusted family member in case of house fire etc.


UPDATE: Digital Option

Since writing this post, I’ve had quite a few people write in and ask if there is an online password system that I recommend.  After researching for a few months and trying a few, I am in love with DASHLANE.  First, it is FREE (yay!), and oh my goodness it is so easy to use!  Plus it is (most importantly) extremely secure!

Dashlane securely stores not only passwords, but financial information as well.  It will also autofills online forms for you (name, address, phone, etc).  Since I started using it, I have been saving so much time logging into accounts / hitting “forgot password” links and filling in forms.

I’ve been able to update my passwords (I just do each one when I have to log in) to extremely secure passwords that no one will ever guess.  I just have to remember my main (very secure) password and change it often.  Then, Dashlane just automatically logs me in (I don’t even have to type or click on anything) whenever I land on an log in page. Plus, if you want it to, you can sync it across all your devices!

I’m loving Dashlane and very highly recommend it.  You can sign up for a free account HERE.


Tip for creating passwords:

Tip:  I’d like to pass on a suggestion that someone gave me a while back for creating unique passwords.  They suggested choosing an odd word from the dictionary that begins with the same letter as your account.  So, for your Amazon account, you may choose the word “Ardvark” or “Addendum” etc.  Then choose 2 letters to make into capitals, change one letter to a number and one to a symbol.  If the word is short, do it twice.  So: @rDvaR7A9dVAr#  or adDe7dU!  These passwords are tough for others to guess, but sometimes a bit easier for you to remember.


The Printable:

Now, onto the password printable!  Just click HERE or on the image below to print it!  Easy Peasy!



ps…if you like this printable, you may also like this fantastic “Prepare My Life Planner.”  It is a complete emergency plan system AND a grab and go binder.  I love mine!

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A free printable to help you manage all your passwords. Print it today or chose a highly recommended free secure online password option.

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