Learn to Pickle in an Afternoon with A Primer on Pickling: Book Review

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at pickling and don't have a clue where to start - I've got your e-book right here! A Primer on Pickling!

I used to love dill pickles. I’d eat them on burgers and just grab spears to snack on. Then I had my first son who stole my love for pickled items from me. My taste buds could never handle the intensity of the flavor after that period. Turns out, he grabbed it and made it his own, and is a fiend for pickled anything!  I can still do things like sweet pickles and relish and surprisingly, lightly dill-pickled cucumbers. The rest of the story in just a bit. To keep him in pickles for the year, we’re turning to homemade. These awesome bottles of goodness can be done quickly, easily, and you can learn to do it in just an afternoon with this great e-book from Homestead Dreamer called A Primer on Pickling: Learn to Pickle in a Single Afternoon!

LeAnn shares this:

Benefits of Pickling

The health benefits of eating pickled foods have been well documented. Not only does the nutritional value remain higher than pressure canned foods, it also has utilization across the  board. Medicinal uses with vinegar  range from; helping treat urinary tract infections to cooling  sunburn! Other benefits include:

  •  Lower your food bill
  •  Enables you to quickly fill your cupboards or pantry with tasty food
  •  Does not generally require refrigeration until opened
  •  Less food waste
  •  Medicinal benefits
  •  Stores for years if kept in a cool, dark place
  •  The possible items to pickle are endless!

LeAnn walks you through the process completely, along with giving you some recipes to try your own hand at it. She gives you a basic brine that can be easily adjusted ( If you are doing a full case of pints, you will need to increase the batch x3, if you’re doing less than the 4-6 pints, just use the extra to put over some vegetables to serve at dinner later). She also gives you tips on knowing just when your pickled [insert food here].

And to finish my story….my oldest did his first refrigerator pickles as a suggestion from LeAnn’s book, to give us both an easy-in to the process, and we lost all of his photos :(  But I was surprised at how much I loved them! So after our trip to the Farmer’s Market, we’re going to be dealin’ some pickles (as my youngest says) again!

If you’re interested in pickling and have just been a bit nervous about jumping in, LeAnn’s instructions and walk-thrus’ will make it so easy for you to do it! And for the price, it’s SO well worth it to have A Primer on Pickling on your e-device to have handy whenever the mood strikes!

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at pickling and don’t have a clue where to start – I’ve got your e-book right here! A Primer on Pickling!

A Primer on Pickling: Learn How to Pickle Food in a Single Afternoon!

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