Babysitter Notes With Free Downloadable Instruction Template

Free Printable Babysitter Notes

Leaving your kids with a sitter can be nerve wracking and stressful, especially for a new Mom!  The more I’ve done it, the easier it has gotten, but it can still be tough for me.  I worry that my kids will be tough that day.  I worry about accidents happening while I’m gone.  I worry that the sitter will do nothing but let me kids watch TV.  etc. etc.  One thing that has made it easier is being prepared for the sitter and helping her prepare for emergencies etc.

Consider having certain toys, games, movies and snacks  that only come out when a sitter comes over.  You can even keep them all in the same little basket or box so they are easy to pull out when you need them.

Then, make sure your sitter has all the information they need to be able to properly handle situations that may arise.  Leave her a note letting her know what she will need to do while you are gone.  Give instructions for dinner / mealtime.  Make sure she has bedtime and homework info.  List any important rules about media etc.

In addition, although you hope an emergency doesn’t arise while you are away, it is possible.  Make sure your sitter has important info (allergy / birthdate info) about each of your children as well as important emergency numbers she may need to call.

Download your notes HERE or by clicking on the image below.

Now, go have a great time out with your spouse or some friends!

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  1. We do something like this and have it laminated so I can wipe the notes section and write new information. This saves time on the info that’s the same every time. I love your format and will be using yours now!!


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