Update Your Emergency Bags (Preparedness Quick Tip #30)

Have you pulled out your emergency bag and updated it lately?

Preparedness Quick Tip #30 - Routinely update your emergency bags of anything used, expired, broken or worn out.

How to Update Your Emergency Bags

I always encourage you to do a massive emergency car kit overhaul twice a year (or as your major weather seasons change), but what if you’ve gotten into it recently for water or food or a tool. Did you replace it? Did you use something out of your emergency bag and forget to replace it? Or have you had food that might need to be updated? Has your weather changed and your clothing choices need to change accordingly?

Create a routine schedule to pull all of the contents from your bag and inspect them thoroughly. Replace any worn out or broken tools, rotate any food, food or first aid supplies, and make sure it is current with the needs you have.

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