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The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage: A Book Review

Mom with a PREP | I read it for you! The Prepper's Guide to Food Storage by Gaye Levy : A Book Review

So you’ve begun to think about putting some stuff away – just in case. But where to start? Gaye Levy of BackdoorSurvival.com has put together an e-book that might be just the thing for you!

Don’t let the word Prepper fool you. The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage is a basic, how to get it started guide for those who are just beginning their food storage journey with store-bought items and bulk items. It isn’t about a bunker in the Idaho mountains! Gaye’s no-nonsense approach walks you right through the basics of kickstarting your pantry to get you started on your preparedness journey.

Prepper's Guide to Food Storage: A Practical Guide to Storing Food For...

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What you’ll find inside:

  • 20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Pantry
  • Kick Start Plan
  • Tips for Building Your Emergency Food Supply
  • Moving Beyond Pre-packaged Foods
  • How to Store Bulk Items (oxygen absorbers, mylar bags, and more)
  • Common Food Storage Mistakes

What was fascinating was that Gaye doesn’t recommend storing wheat of any kind her top 20 list. To Gaye, to get your food storage pantry going in a big way, easily purchased items that you know how to use and can use without the accompaniment of other items to make it work is of upmost importance.

“The same goes for flour. To make flour usable, you also need yeast and baking powder plus the skill and knowledge to bake. Not only that, you most likely will need a functional outdoor oven, especially if the power is out.”

Therefore, Gaye suggests her 20 items to kick start your pantry to get you going and be able to have meals that are readily available before you begin spreading to your second and third tiers of food.

In the discussion of common food storage mistakes, Gaye suggests making sure you’re storing enough condiments and spices to help bring variety to what might be a basic diet.

“Salt, pepper, chili powder, mustard, sugar, honey, etc.”  (I’d also add cumin to the list!)

And how do you store all of these things you’ll be purchasing? Gaye walks you through basic food storage items and how to use them. It can be confusing on how to use a mylar bag, what oxygen absorbers are, and just what the heck is a gamma seal?

Some Important Advice:

A very important piece of advice of Gaye’s is something I’d like you to listen to. You’ll read a lot here about how to do something, on Gaye’s site on how to do something, and others as well.

“When it comes to food storage, one size does not fit all. The exact foods your family will eat and enjoy are going to to be different from your neighbors or your favorite cousin. Not only that, calorie requirements will be different based on your age, body weight, and general level of activity.”

That’s really important advice so that you now how to take the recommendations that Gaye makes in the book and make them work for your family.

Not only does Gaye walk you through the basics of kick starting your food pantry, she also includes price comparisons on how much it will take to start your food storage pantry, and how to compare the prices of bulk items so you’re spending your money wisely.

Many of us do focus on food as our first priority when becoming aware of our need to prepare, but have no idea where to start. For those of you who are starting your journeys to get your family more prepared for whatever life throws at you, The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage is a great, all-in-one place to start that doesn’t overwhelm you with all there is to do. It’s focus is the right here, right now food pantry.


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