Product Highlight: Freeze Dried Yogurt

My Thoughts About Freeze Dried Yogurt:

Thrive freeze dried yogurt is tasty right out of the can. It seriously tastes like candy. The pomegranate is a favorite so far. My kids love it. It just melts in your mouth. I keep it in my storage just a comfort item similar to my brownies and macaroons.  It is also great dry as a topping to brownies or in cookies. You can find a great dessert recipe that uses the bites here: Brownie Bites

I’m really hoping that eventually THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) offers plain yogurt so I can use it to make my own yogurt! I’ll let you know when / if that happens!

If you actually want to hydrate it and use it as yogurt, you should know is that it will be very sweet and very flavorful. But it is really good!

It is more expensive than store bought yogurt, so I don’t use it regularly. I do store it though b/c I want to have access to it if I could no longer get it at the store and I love the “comfort” it could offer in a time of need. We rotate through it by eating it occasionally as a treat!

A Few Facts:

Freeze drying the active live cultures does not destroy them; in fact, it preserves them. The bacteria will stay dormant for 20-30 years. So the  freeze dried yogurt does have bacteria in it, once it comes in contact with water or the moisture in your mouth and the bacteria “wake up,” and you will have active live cultures!

A Tip:

It took me a while to get my hydrated yogurt “just right.” Here are my step by step tips:

Step #1:  Put 2 cups bites in a bowl (I only put 1 cup in this picture):

Step #2: Crush the dry bites to a powder. You can use a fork, but it will take a while. I use a blender or food processor.

Step #2: Add 1/4 cup water to the powder while whisking until well mixed.
Step #3: Chill for 20-30 minutes
Step #4: Top with granola and Thrive Fruit (not required):

Step #5: Enjoy!

Useful Info:

I store and use THRIVE Freeze Dried Yogurt. As such, everything else I mention below will be about THRIVE Freeze Dried Yogurt


Each #10 can contains about 12 cups of dry bites by volume.  Each cup of bites makes about 3 oz of yogurt.  So each #10 can would make about 36 oz of yogurt.

Price vs grocery store?

A 6 oz container of yogurt from the grocery store costs around $0.70 on average.

You will spend much more than that on freeze dried yogurt (about $6 per 6 oz serving).  It is one of the few freeze dried products that truly cost much more than fresh.

See current pricing here.


Sizes Available:

Pouch: About 1 cup bites or 3 oz hydrated yogurt.

Pantry Can: About 2 1/2 cups bites or 6 oz hydrated yogurt

#10 Can: About 12 cups bites or 36 oz hydrated yogurt

Case: Six #10 cans About 72 cups bites or 216 oz hydrated yogurt


Find All Sizes Here

Shelf Life:

25 years unopened and  year opened.

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  1. Personally the passionfruit flavor is my favorite. I’m lactose-intolerant, so I can’t have it often…but it sure is a yummy treat when I do. Personally I just eat it out of the can and let the pieces dissolve on my tongue.


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