Here are 10 simple things you can do NOW to get ready for winter!

Winter is COMING!  What is the weather like where you are at?  We enjoyed warm (70+ degree) weather until just about a week ago.  The days before Halloween were a bit cooler, then Halloween warmed back up!  (Yay!)  But this last week has been below freezing at night and we finally turned on our heater.

Here are 10 simple things you can do to get ready for winter:


1.  Make sure you have food, water, and blankets in your car.  If you get stranded, you want to be sure to have those minimal supplies.

2.  Buy some candles and / or flashlights for possible power outages.  It gets darker earlier in the evening in the winter!

3.  Check your vitamin C, zinc, cold and cough drop supplies.  Nothing is worse than having to run the store when sick and most of us tend to get colds more often in the winter.

4.  Get a supply of salt so you are ready to salt your walk in case the first storm sneaks up on you.

5.  Check your wiper blades and replace if needed.

6.  Make sure you wiper fluid is rated for cold temperatures.

7.  Make sure you 72 hour kits have winter clothing in them.

8.  Check your furnace.  Vacuum any dust around it, especially near the blower fan.  Change your filter and light your pilot light if needed.

9.  Clear rain gutters.

10.  Get winter tires on your cars.

Want More?

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