Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency & Survival: Book Review

Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency: The best food storage book to get you started!
Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency is THE book to keep in your PREParedness library for Food Storage. It's Mom with a PREP approved!

Food Storage is the number one priority for most families. Not only are we trying to store water and food stuffs for short term emergencies, but we’re trying to ensure that we have what it will take to keep us going in longer term emergencies. Sometimes, it can be completely overwhelming — how much to buy, how much to raise, how much to store, and  how to use it all. While I’ve reviewed a ton of preparedness / homesteading books, few get  Mom with a PREP approved status!

Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency is THE book to keep in your PREParedness library for Food Storage. It's Mom with a PREP approved!

Angela Paskett’s Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival is “the essential guide for family preparedness”, just like the book says! I was able to pick up tidbits along the way and made copious notes for myself to begin to integrate in our plan. You’ll know Angela from Food Storage & Survival.com. She’s experienced in doing long term food storage for her family and actually USING what she stores. She’s been one of my favorite authorities to learn from as I begin my preparedness journey for my family.

This is THE book I’ll keep on my shelf for food storage info. It’s really that good.

What I love about Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency

Angela does more than just talk about food storage and those foods that are good to store, she makes it accessible. She gives you ways to put that information to use to work for your family:

  • Menu Method Planning Sheet
  • Mast Menu List
  • Food Inventory List
  • One Year of Food chart
  • Fresh to Dry Conversion tables
  • Recipes to try
  • and more!

What You’ll Find Inside Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency

A breakdown of food storage plans by time

Whether you’re looking at 3 days for an emergency kit, short-term or long-term, Angela breaks down these times into usable chunks of information for you to be able to prepare for your family to meet your needs. There’s not just one giant master list of foods to stock for 20 years. It makes it more simple for you to be able to see how, in stages, you can make this work!

Water storage

Often times, water storage is considered a whole separate entity from food storage. But it shouldn’t be. Water is as integral to preparing our food storage as the food is, itself. So not only are you learning about available water sources, but how to ensure those sources are safe for you to drink.

A pretty cool tip I learned: using a WAPI to check for pasteurization of water! I’d never even heard of a Water Pasteurization Indicator before, and it’s something that went right onto my need to buy item list!

Packaging food for long term storage

There are so many methods to package foods, and Angela breaks down each and every one of them to help you decide which way you might like to go. There is considerable information on canning, dehydrating, freezing and packaging.

Sustainable food storage

THIS is what makes this book incredible. Angela moves beyond typical store bought food into foods that can help sustain you. In a long-term situation, you need to be able to provide more than just that food storage, but be able to grow, hunt and forage for fresh foods. The variety it will bring to your table not only is good for your body with fresh proteins, minerals and vitamins, it’s good for your soul!

Storing and using your food storage

Sure, we can plan all we want, but the implementation of those plans is what makes us successful. Angela walks through ideas and tips about making your food storage work for you. Especially wonderful is the conversion area of the Using Your Food Storage chapter. Dried food storage can be intimidating to integrate with your regular food, so having these tips handy is great!  (because what do you do with all that bulk dried milk you bought on a whim but never use?)

And the appendix makes Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency worth it’s purchase!

If you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, it’s available in softcover and e-book format on Amazon.

Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival: The Essential Guide...

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