Preparedness Quick Tip #41: Strengthen Your Door

One of the easiest and quickest ways to protect your home is to strengthen your front door. Find out how with a video on One of the easiest access points an intruder uses to get into your home is the front door. Sure, he could go around and break in a window and climb through, or he could simply give a good, hard swift kick to your front door and he’s in. Did you know that this is one of the easiest ways to get in your home if you haven’t taken a few steps to strengthen your door?

How to Strengthen Your Front Door from Invaders

1. Replace the screws in your deadbolt and hinges with 3″ wood screws. That’s really it. One of the ways a door is susceptible to being broken in is that people use the tiny little 1/2″ screws provided for them from the builder or the manufacturer when they replace a lock or hinges. These screws just don’t have the strength to handle a good, hard kick. It also to protect yourself from home invasions by upgradeding the door that came with the house. Not the flimsy thin wooden doors, but heavier doors or metal security doors (which aren’t ugly anymore!) Some other ways are to replace the cheap deadbolts that came with your house if it was never upgraded. You can add a nightlatch or second interior deadbolt to use while you are home, alone (there is no way to unlock them from the outside). This is a process that takes less than 30 minuntes and can protect your family from harm. Make it a project this weekend! I can’t show you how it’s done because we replaced ours soon after we moved into our home, but there’s a great video by the Victoria, Texas Police Department that shows you why and how.


Take a look at what 40 cents and a minute or two of your time can do for your security and peace of mind.I know I said that it was a two dollar investment but after a bit of investigating I discovered that the actual cost of the screws we used were 10 cents each.Hopefully we can do some more tests on other security devices in the future.-SPO JT Turner

Posted by Victoria Police Department on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

If this isn’t showing up in your browser – you can click to their video directly here:

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