This post is full of tips for adding pet supplies to your 72 hour kit.

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Pets & 72 Hour Kits

I don’t have pets, so this is a tough one for me.  But for many, pets are nearly as dear to them as children, and it is very important to be prepared for them!  Many of the first aid items you’ve already packed could be used to help your pet as well.  Here are a few suggestions.  And there are LOTS  of fabulous additional tips in the comments section.  If you have pets you’ve love, make sure to read the comments!

  • Food (preferably dry for the longer shelf life)
  • Treats
  • Small bowls for them to eat drink from
  • Litter
  • A favorite blanket
  • A favorite toy
  • Plastic bags for waste
  • Muzzle (may be more prone to biting if scared)
  • Medication they may need
  • Leash
  • Pet first aid manual
  • A stake to secure leash to if you can’t hold them
  • Sedatives (in case of uncontrollable fear of loud noises, etc.  Thanks to reader, Rachel for suggesting this.)
  • Pet carrier (obviously wouldn’t fit in your kit, but have one nearby.  Thanks to reader Shauna for suggesting this.)
  • Flea & tick treatments (Thanks to reader Sharon for this tip.)