72 Hour Kit Ideas Week #19: Entertainment

Welcome! Week #19 in a step by step 72 hour kit series. Makes building a robust, personalized 72 hour kit affordable and do-able!

Welcome to week #19 in the “72 Hour Kit Ideas: A week by week approach” series.

This series is all about making it simple and do-able to get a 72 hour kit put together for you and your family.

Creating such a kit can be overwhelming and financially difficult to do all at once. But through this series, I’ve broken it down for you into 26 small steps! You can see all the steps here. Just take one small baby step each week and in 6 months you will have a well stocked, personalized kit!

You can even go through the series a few times over a year or two adding just the most basic supplies the first six months and then a few more “extra” supplies each time you cycle through it again.

Want even more help?Build a robust, personalized 72 hour kit one week at a time over 26 weeks

This series is also available as an e-book. Purchasing the e-book gives you a few additional benefits over just reading the free series:

  • Additional details and tips
  • The ability to print the entire book!
  • Pictures of my own kit showing just how I pack each week.
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Last Week:

I hope all of you were able to give thought to some religious items you’d like to have in your kit last week.

Week #20:  Entertainment

One oft forgotten category in 72 hr kits is Entertainment.  72 hours is a long time.  At least it would be in an emergency situation; especially if you have nothing to do.  Even more so if you have kids like I do.

Plus, I’m sure there will be plenty of things you’d like to get your (and your kids) minds off of.  Depending on the situation / disaster, they could be a possibility for a lot of physiological stress.  Having something fun to do can help ease this.  And relieving that stress is just as important as taking care of your physical needs.

However, the same rules apply here that have applies over the last 20 weeks: keep it light and small!  This can be a challenge, but you do have to be able to carry this pack, remember?  Here are a few suggestions:


Other ideas?

What we have done in our family:

We have pen & paper, a small toy for each child, a book for each family member, and crayons with 15-20 Disney coloring pages


How About You?

Leave me a comment and tell me what you will be adding to your kit.  Why? What entertainment products will work for your family?  What do you already have?

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82 thoughts on “72 Hour Kit Ideas Week #19: Entertainment”

  1. I scored a mini game set that has chess, checkers, back gammon, dominos, dice, and a couple other things in there for $1. It is nice quality and the pieces have magnets on them so they stick to the game board. The whole set fits in a nice little box with a clasp on it to keep it all secure. It measures only 5 inches by 7 inches or so. Yay for yard sales!!!

  2. I read somewhere that the flimsy cardboard boxes that cards and games come in can be replaced by a small plastic soap holder which I purchased and couldn’t remember why until just now when I read this post! Now I remember that I got them to hold the cards, dominoes and dice that I found at the Dollar Tree! yay! I like the idea of putting tape over the yahtzee scorecards or perhaps laminating them so they can be used over and over so you just need a couple!

    And those crayons that you guys said you have–I just read the other day that those can be used as candles because they will light and burn in a pinch! :)

  3. We have cards, but we also have a few small travel games we got from a fast food place a while ago. We have a mini pictionary and a mini boggle. Very cute, lots of fun, and very small and easy to use for all ages. We have a separate bag that I keep in my car with games for the car, for whenever we go on trips, so if we evacuate by car, we have that.

  4. I have been so focused on “survival” items that I had forgotten all about this category! I will be adding more items. We do at least have a couple decks of playing cards. Target has clear playing cards in their camping section that are good for playing at night because they are much easier to see by flashlight or campfire than regular cards.

  5. In our kits we have small Sudoku and word find books from the dollar store. We also have playing cards, Pass the Pig, Uno, dice, paper, pens, pencils and Sharpies.

  6. My boys love Legos so I have put one of the small bagged Lego sets in each of their backpacks. I also have playing cards, small pads of paper, crayons, and pen/pencil. I need to add something for my teen daughter, maybe a sudoku puzzle book? I also like the idea of the madlibs, thanks!

  7. We have a small magnetic travel checker game in our kit. It also doubles as a chess board. In a pinch you can even use the magnetic pieces as needed for your emergency projects as well. We also have the old standby, a pack of playing cards.

  8. We already have a pack of playing cards, so this week I will try to add a book or two for us and some dice. Also, when I go to thrift stores, I think I will be on the lookout for a keychain version of Boggle. We used to have one and lost it, but I think the small size would be perfect for our emergency pack.


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