Create a “station” near where you sleep.  This could be under your bed or in a dresser drawer.  Just make sure you can access it quickly.  Put a few items there that you may need if woken up by an emergency (house fire, a natural disaster your area is prone to, break-in, etc).  Consider adding some of the following:

  • Shoes and socks
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Work Gloves
  • Old Cell phone (911 will ALWAYS work even if the phone no longer has service)
  • Extra set of car keys
  • Change of clothing (if needed) and/or jacket
  • Eyeglasses
  • Fire extinguisher
10 min preparedness project from Simple Family Preparedness: Create a Sleep Station:

 Then report back and leave a comment here letting me know you’ve completed this week’s 10-minute preparedness project!

10 Minute Preparedness Projects!

I’ve found that there are lots of reasons that keep people from becoming better prepared or more self-reliant.  But as a young mom, one of the top reasons is time or rather a lack of time.

But really, I don’t think we young moms are alone…

I think that many, if not most, in our fast-paced society feel that time slips through their fingers regularly.  And when feeling rushed and anxious, it can be difficult to invest time in becoming more prepared and self-reliant.

But every one of us can find 10 minutes, right?  Every few weeks, I challenge myself to spend 10 minutes on preparedness and self-reliance and I invite you to join me!   Simple, right?

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