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The Pantry Primer: Create a Year’s Supply of Food in Three Months – a Review

If you’ve just started on the road to preparedness and look at your pantry thinking that you could NEVER survive on what’s in it or that it is completely bare or filled with mac’n’cheese in a pouch and pasta in a can, look to The Organic Prepper’s new book, “The Pantry Primer” on a way to build your stockpile quickly.

Prepper's Pantry: Build a Nutritious Stockpile to Survive Blizzards,...

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Daisy moved across the continent and into a different country with her daughter, and could not bring her food storage with her. So they started from scratch, building a food pantry from nothing to a year’s supply in three months by careful shopping, careful planning, bulk cooking to increase canned food supplies, taking advantage of farms in the area, and quite a bit of determination.

Granted, Daisy only has two mouths to feed, and if you have seven, this might take a bit more than three months for you unless you have an unlimited grocery budget. But don’t let the three month time frame in the subtitle get you down. Use the principles Daisy shares with you to get your supply built up quickly to protect your family the best way you can.

What you will find in The Pantry Primer:

  • Encouragement to eat healthy meals and stockpile accordingly – This isn’t a book on trying to purchase the cheapest food on the market just to feed your family (but she does recognize that sometimes, you just need to, especially in the beginning).
  • A Canning Primer  – Daisy shares a basic canning primer on how to can your food storage purchases and bulk cooking items to build your pantry more quickly.
  • A List of Basic Food Needs – along with nutritional data on many foods, she shares what are some of the basic needs in any pantry.
  • Ideas on how and where to store.
  • Information on making informed decisions on what you’re purchasing for your pantry.
  • Tips on buying non-traditionally to build your storage more efficiently.
  • 3 Different pantry systems, and how to combine them to create the Ultimate Pantry.
  • How to build your protein pantry without relying on store bought meat.
  • Maintaining that stockpile you’ve worked so hard to create!

What you won’t find in The Pantry Primer:

  • A specific list of what you must buy each week to build your pantry. The reason is simple – your family is different than my family who is different than Daisy’s family. We don’t eat the same way, we have different nutritional needs depending on the ages of our children, our general health, and our philosophies on food. There are lists out there on how to build a pantry in 52 weeks, but if half that food isn’t something your family eats, the list really isn’t any good for you. What she does give is information on how to build YOUR pantry to fit YOUR needs.
  • Recipes – Daisy built her food storage off of the needs of her family. You’ll be building it off the needs of your family. After spending the first few weeks building up some basic supplies, the next weeks need to be based off what your family actually eats and building your pantry with those supplies (and what’s on sale because using loss leaders and sale items really stretches your budget!)
  • Judgement about what you’re stocking. Daisy does point out and educate about a lot of current food issues (GMO’s, antibiotics, the free-range debaucle, etc.), but there is no judgement if you choose to build for your family what you can afford and manage. She encourages you to be thoughtful in your purchases.

This is a Pantry Primer on how to get yourself started, how to make it work for you, and some of the best methods of getting there. Once you’re familiar with the means and methods Daisy used to increase her pantry from nothing to a year’s supply in three months, you can make those means and methods work best for your family to increase your supply. And for $5 (e-book version) – you can’t be that deal! It’s available in a paperback or e-book format.

Don’t have a Kindle? That’s okay – with Amazon’s app, you can still read it on the cloud, on your e-device, through a .pdf, or on your computer.

For those of you who have been at this for awhile, do you have quick tips to help those who are just starting out?

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