THRIVE Whole Eggs: 10 reasons I love them

I have been using whole powdered eggs for a few years now.  I love them.  When I mention that to people, they almost always turn up their noses and say, “really?”  I answer, Oh, yes, really!  They are truly fantastic.  Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. They save me money. THRIVE Whole eggs are about $1.10 / dozen.  Eggs at my local grocery stores are far more than that.  In fact, if I see them on sale for $1.50 / dozen, I’m excited.
  2. They save me time.  No more running to the store (or my neighbors) to pick up eggs in the middle of making cookies or brownies.  Oh, wait this saves money too = no more impulse buys!
  3. They work wonders in baking. I”m not sure if it is b/c the measurement is more exact, but I’ve found my baked goods tend to turn out better when I use the THRIVE whole eggs.
  4. They are less messy No more sticky hands from cracking eggs.  Need I say more?
  5. No risk of salmonella.  Cookie dough anyone?  Thick chocolate shakes?
  6. They last forever!  They have an amazing 5 year sealed shelf life and a 6 month opened shelf life.  Did you ever think you could actually store eggs for more than 4-6 weeks?
  7. No refrigeration needed.  Store them in those pretty little glass containers on your cupboard with the rest of your dry goods.
  8. They taste great.  Like I mentioned, I’ve been using powdered eggs for a few years.  What I did not mention, is that I just started using THRIVE eggs a few months ago.  While I used other brands in my baking, I never liked them in my omelets, casseroles or frittatas; but I do like the THRIVE eggs.
  9. They save storage space.  You can store 236 eggs (almost 20 dozen) in just one #10 can!
  10. You can get them for FREE when you host a partyCan you say that about your fresh eggs?

If you are interested, you can purchase THRIVE Whole Eggs on my THRIVE Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) website.

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