The Titan Water Storage System By Titan Ready USA

Raise your hand if you love rotating your stored water!

***Sound of crickets***

What’s that?  None of you do?

Hydrant Water Storage System by TItan Ready USA

I don’t blame you!  Water rotation is a pain.  In fact it is such a pain that in reality most people don’t do it.  I’ve met many people with empty barrels cause they just can’t get the energy to go fill them.  I’ve also met people with barrels full of (untreated) 10 year old water.  Yuck Both issues are a problem when it comes to having access to life saving water!  And both issues occur because water rotation is a PAIN.

If you are one of the few that actually rotate their stored water,  do you clean out your siphon pump before you use it?  If not, you may be introducing bacteria and mold into your water each time to dip that pump into it!  No good.

I wanted to introduce you to a product that I LOVE: The Hydrant Water Storage System by Titan Ready USA.  It certainly makes water rotation more convenient and easy, but it does two things that go beyond convenience and I talk about them in this video:


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The Hydrant Water Barrel System By Titan Ready USA

The Hydrant Water Barrel System is truly amazing!

  • Take advantage of wasted vertical space
  • Rotate and access your water without ever opening your barrels
  • Rotate and access your water without introducing any possible contaminants
  • Allow anyone (even children and the elderly) to access life saving water
  • Empty barrels into a bucket, 5 gallon container, drinking glass or even with a hose!

System assembly is simple.  All you need is an aluminum bung wrench (included) and a flat head screwdriver.  It did take me a bit to get it all assembled just right (a little over an hour) and when one of the bungs was leaking I learned you HAVE to follow the instructions exactly.

But once it was all set up, a HUGE load of stress flew up and away from my shoulders.  I don’t have to worry about water rotation EVER AGAIN!  It is simple. easy. do-able.  All the things I like emergency preparedness to be!


Titan Ready USA

The company that makes this system is just as awesome as the system itself.  As I have worked with Kris (the owner / designer), I have come to know him as an incredibly honest do-gooder with a passion and talent for creating high quality products.  He simply will not stand for inferior products and takes great care of his customers.

Kris has a sincere desire to help others become better prepared in a smart way.  Obviously, he needs to provide for his family, but his #1 priority isn’t getting rich.  His priority is helping others be prepared.

Titan Ready USA is a quality, family owned company (just the type I like to support) and all products are made in the USA.


A Discount

I spoke with Kris (the owner and designer of this product) and he has been kind enough to offer a discount to anyone enrolled in my emergency preparedness e-course!  He enrolled in the course a while back and wants to support it!  Thanks Kris!

If you are not yet enrolled, you can do so HERE.  If you are enrolled, but haven’t received this email yet, let me know (customercare@simplefamilypreparedness.com) and I will send you the discount code!


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Hydrant Water Storage System by Titan Ready USA: I first saw this system about 4 years ago and man alive did I covet it! (I know...coveting is bad). But now I'm lucky to be the proud owner of one! Yes, this system makes water rotation much more convenient, but there are two things it does that go beyond convenience and I talk about them in this video!


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16 thoughts on “The Titan Water Storage System By Titan Ready USA”

  1. Hi I am from Canada I am trying to contact Titan Water Storage to query about their product.
    No reply to emails and ring no answer to their telephone

    Are they still in business??

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the awesome waiting dance!

    The lower “out” hoses and spigot appear to be a few inches above the lowest edge … Do the barrels ever completely empty? Can you tell how much water is left in the barrel? Also, do you need a special hose to fill the barrels to ensure it’s not contaminated? Or do you clean it?

    I’ve asked the manufacturer these questions as well, but wanted your experience, too. Thanks for your time!

    • I do clean the barrels before I fill them with water Carrie. I also use a drinking water hose to fill them. I also add Aquamira so that I only need to rotate it once every 5 years. So, to be honest, I have yet to rotate the water that I have in these. But it seems to me the top two would empty completely, then the bottom one would be mostly empty. I end up doing with it just what I do with my regular everyday barrels….I’d turn it upside down once almost empty and get out what I could and then I’d leave it in the sun to dry. I’d clean with bleach water, rinse and then re-fill them. I hope that helps!

    • Sorry for the delayed response Diane. I was camping. (-:

      To refill, you just attach a hose to the bottom barrel and a faucet in your home. Turn on the faucet and all three barrels fill up. No need to open it at all. Does that make sense?

    • SOrry for the delayed response Sabrina. I was camping. (-: I don’t yet know the end date of the promotion, but when you are ready to get it just contact me directly and I’ll see if we can work something out.


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