Top 15 PREParedness Posts of 2015 at Mom with a PREP

It’s time to look back at the Top 15 PREParedness Posts of 2015, and capture what has really moved me, and moved you as readers!

It’s been a year of growing at Mom with a PREP. Our focus shifted from merely getting PREPared, but actively living a more self-reliant life. Don’t get me wrong, emergency PREParedness* is still at the top of our mind for our family, but we’ve also expanded on the idea and begun to think more heavily on those things that will lend themselves to us becoming more self-reliant, healthier and happier this year.

*And you know me…EVERYTHING is PREParedness related!

Top 15 PREParedness Posts of 2015

Meals in Jars are a ready way to have full meals, ready to go on your pantry shelf for quick meals, emergencies or even as Christmas gifts! Get started on building your pantry with these easy to make recipes...101+ Meals in a Jar Recipes

Meals in Jars are a great way to put aside whole meals for your food preps. Through the canning or dry vacuuming process, you can put a meal up to help create long-term food storage. While there are all sorts of fun things you can store in a jar in the fridge or keep on a shelf for a short period of time, I’m going to concentrate mostly on those food storage meals that you can put by for long-term.

Have you ever wondered what foods you can and cannot dehydrate? Here's a practical list from Mom with a PREP.What Foods Can You Not Dehydrate?

Have you ever wondered if you could dehydrate something as wonderful as avocados? I have. I love them, and they have such a short lifespan, and I want to preserve their awesomeness…but can I actually dehydrate them? As with every food preservation safety list, there are foods you should, foods you might not want to, and foods you shouldn’t preserve.

Do you have a Family Emergency Binder at home? Do you always mean to put one together but just haven't had time? Here's a resource to find an emergency binder just for you that you can put together quickly - includes fabulous ready-made binders and free downloads.Family Emergency Binders: Create Your Own from Ready-Made Resources and Free Downloads

Do you have one place where you keep all of your important records/documents handy? If ever you had to make a run for it, would you have all of the important documents you needed to rebuild your life?  Hopefully, it’s in a fireproof location, and in a great organized binder where you can find everything quickly. No? Then get started!

Square Foot Gardening - our favorite method of managing a garden in a small suburban landscape. But we did make a few mistakes along the way. Learn from our mistakes before you tackle your garden!Square Foot Gardening Mistakes – Learn from Ours First!

Square Foot Gardening – our favorite method of managing a garden in a small suburban landscape. But we did make a few mistakes along the way. Learn from our mistakes before you tackle your garden!

Mom with a PREP - Building a Brick Rocket Stove for your backyard gives you an alterntaive cooking source just in case. This is a quick and easy project to do this weekend!Build a Brick Rocket Stove

Do you need an alternative cooking source that is inexpensive, quick to put up, relatively mobile, and easy to use that is more than a small rocket stove? Today, one of my friend, Bunny Wickham, is guest posting on the blog, sharing her story of how she and her husband built a concrete brick rocket stove in one afternoon. They now have an alternative, non-permanent means of cooking at their home in the case of an emergency. This is even portable in case they need to relocate.

15+ Chicken Nesting Box Hacks @ Momwithaprep.com15+ Chicken Nesting Box Hacks

Recently I told you about my Dad’s DIY Chicken Tractor that he made on the cheep. One of the things he used was a salvaged nesting box to help bring the cost down for the coop. While setting a box with some hay down seems easy enough, you actually need to have a ‘home’ for your chickens to lay their eggs and feel safe. Sure, they’ll lay eggs anywhere, but it’s a good idea to have a place.

Want to begin preparing your family for emergencies but don't know where to start? Check out this list of 150+ Preparedness & Homesteading Items you need to stock today @ Momwithaprep.com150 Preparedness & Homestead Items You Need to Stock

If you want a checklist of those items you need to have to be better PREPared for your family, to be more self-reliant, and to begin living a more homestead-driven life, check out this list put together by a great group of women living the life! Please don’t let this list overwhelm you! It’s just a list that you can work on as you go. Not every item is something you’ll need for your particular circumstance, so don’t feel like you have to have it all right now. Use the list as a reference guide for those things you can use, keep track of what you need to purchase or learn to make, and take pride in how far you’ve come, and make goals for what you need to accomplish!! It’s a tool, not a judgement!

Does it seem like summer bring a swarm of fruit flies and other nasty flying creatures in your kitchen, either messing with all of your ripening fruit or in your drains? Here are some ways to get rid of those pesky little creatures...How to Rid of Annoying Fruit Flies and Gnats in the Kitchen

Those little fruit flies or gnats that you get in the summer (not the ones on the outside that try to eat you)? You know those irritating little things that seem to infest your house the second they get a whiff of something that’s not perfectly ripe? The ones, that if you don’t realize it, can infest a whole pantry in a black cloud of ick when you drop a potato on the ground and don’t realize it, and it gets kicked into the back behind your buckets of dry goods? Yeah…those gnats or flies or whatever they are.  They’re awful. But I have a few ways to try to combat them that will help!

Love those little marshmallows in your hot chocolate in the winter? Are there just never enough? Learn how to make your own! #dehydrateHow to Dehydrate Marshmallows

I admit that I buy those envelopes of hot chocolate for the winter. My kids love it, it’s so easy to mix with a bit of milk and be done. I can make my own, but the packets are SOOOOOOOOOOOO convenient aren’t they? But there are never enough marshmallows in them for us. During the fall, tons of different flavored marshmallows become available for Christmas baking. But we don’t necessarily use them all during that time and want to be able to enjoy them year-long as treats. So what’s a girl to do? Dehydrate them!

Mom with a PREP | Get Your Kids Involved! Make Pill Bottle Firestarters this weekend! Simple and quick way to teach your kids about PREParedness!How to Create Pill Bottle Firestarters

One of the best things that you can do for your kids is to teach them to be more self-reliant and knowledgeable about their own survival at an early age. Make it a part of everything that you do and it won’t seem like such a weird concept.

Create a 72 Hour Emergency Kit for those times when you need to grab a bag and go! @ #beprepared #NatlPrep #30daysofprep #30days30waysCreate a 72 Hour Emergency Kit – FREE DOWNLOADBLE CHECKLIST

Picture this: A local emergency of some sort has emergency personnel knocking on your door telling you that you have 5 minutes to evacuate your house (fire, gas leak, railroad collision, earthquake). What will you spend those 5 minutes grabbing? Hopefully you’ll say your children and your 72 hour kit (and then whatever else you think you have time to grab and can carry).

50+ Organizing Tips for Your Food Storage & Emergency Preparedness Items from real life @Momwithaprep50 Organizing Tips for Food Storage & Emergency Supplies

Every year I have to reorganize my pantry at least twice – usually during the spring and fall. Our food choices change, our stockpiles change, we get new equipment, and everything has to change to accomodate it. So I’ve put together a list of organizing tips to help you with your challenges. Whether you’re an organizing pro or just getting started, I hope that one of these ideas helps you gain a little control over what can become preparedness clutter!

After reading this list of 150 Homesteading & Survival skills to learn,  you should never say you're bored again! How many of these do you already know how to do?150 Homesteading, Preparedness & Survival Skills to Learn

In our modern age, few people could mark off 15 of these skills as something they are knowledgeable AND skillful at doing. I can mark off quite a few that I know, understand and pratice; I can check mark quite a few more where I have knowledge of how to do it, but not necessarily the skill to actually do (which means a check needs to be further studied and learned); and then there are the wholly blank where I have little or absolutely no clue about at all.  The good news? Looking at the checks and blanks gives me a place to start!

25+ DIY Cinder Block Projects for Your Home @ Momwithaprep.com25+ Cinder Block Projects for the Homestead

You have all of these ideas, but never enough money to make them come true. But have you thought of other ways of putting those projects together with materials that might not have cost as much and can be upgraded for a fraction of the cost of the original project idea?

HOW TO DEHYDRATE CHERRIES -- Cherry season is awesome....but when you have more than you can eat, what can you do with them? Dehydrate them! It's super easy and they are versatile to use in dehydrated form! Find out more @darcy-baldwin.comHow to Dehydrate Cherries

Do you find that  you love cherries, but only want to buy them when they are actually in season — whatever are you to do the other ten to eleven months when they aren’t available? Dehydrate them so that you can preserve the in season goodness the whole year!

And here are a few of my favorite articles that you may have missed from this year!

Thank you so much for all of your support and kindness and help that you’ve given in 2015. Let’s make 2016 a really great year!

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