The Ultimate Conversion & Substitution Chart

My pantry is pretty well stocked, but that doesn’t mean my systems is perfect.  In fact, it is far from perfect.

  • I occasionally run out of items I need for a recipe.
  • In addition, I’m often using freeze dried ingredients in recipes written for fresh ingredients.
  • Plus, I often like to half or double recipes.

For all of these reasons, I like to have lots of different baking conversion charts at my finger tips.  But having quite a few different charts was getting annoying.  So, I decided to convert them all into one, two page (back to back) printable conversion chart!

You can use this chart for all sorts of reasons!  The spice, dairy, sweeteners, and alcohol substations are helpful if you run out of something or don’t want to use alcohol in a particular recipe.  The freeze dried food conversions are great for helping you USE your food storage more regularly instead of always running to the store.  And the basic measurements conversion chart will quickly help you half or double your favorite recipes.

Just click HERE or on the image below to download the chart.  Then print it back to back and laminate it if you’d like!

I hope you enjoy it!

You can also pin this to save it for later and share it with your friends!

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  1. Wow! What a handy conversion chart. This will be helpful for everyday cooking as well. Thank you for creating this chart!


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