Preparedness Quick Tip #26: This Water Tastes Dirty!

Use powdered drink mixes in your water to help mask the taste of water that might not taste spring-fresh /// Mom with a PREP

There’s nothing like picking up a glass of water, expecting a nice refreshing drink, only to find it tastes ‘dirty’, ‘dusty’, ‘flat’, or tastes sort of like the chemicals it was treated with. A way to help that, and to give yourself a happy boost is to use flavored powdered drink mixes to boost the flavor! Many come in little travel size pouches, or you can make your own in straws like this idea I found on Pinterest:

Spice straws that can also be used to store indivdiual drink mix portions to help mask water that doesn't taste quite spring fresh. /// Mom with a PREP Preparedness Quick TipSo tuck an envelope or two into your 72 hour kit or bug out bag to help boost your taste buds when the water’s gone kind of flat!


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