What is this thing called the Q?

If you want / need to buy your food storage on a budget that works for your family, the Thrive Q is the best way I know of to do that.

The Thrive Q

The Thrive Q:

  • Is a way to build a food storage on a budget that works for you without going into debt
  • Is a way to get groceries shipped to your door so you can stay out of the grocery store a bit more (fewer impulse buys and more time!)
  • Has been described as “Netflix for food!”

“Q” stands for “queue” meaning you have items (Thrive food in this case) waiting in a queue or list or “virtual pile” at the warehouse. Each month, some of the items in your “pile” will be shipped to you based on a budget that you set.


Benefits of the Q:

  • Q-Pon All customers who create a Q have access to a monthly coupon called a Q-Pon. This Q-pon, gives a deep discount on a different product each month. Only those with a Thrive Q can use this Q-pon.
  • Reward Points. All customers who create a Q with a monthly budget of $100 or more will automatically get 1 reward point for every dollar they spend on the Q. These points can then be turned in for free Thrive products (Food or Food Rotation Systems). I love cashing in my points a few times a year: I checkout with food in my cart and don’t pay a cent!
  • Set it at forget it. You only have to set your Q up once, and then it goes on autopilot.* No more stressing out about food storage! Simply tell the system what you eventually want in your food storage (aka…create your “virtual pile” at the warehouse), set a budget and choose the day you want to be billed each month. Your food storage will automatically be shipped to you each month without any additional work on your part.
  • Early Access to Products. When Thrive Life releases new products, Q customers get to try them out first, before regular customers.

*It doesn’t have to go on autopilot. You will get an email each month before your Q ships and you can easily change / edit anything you want to at any time.


Quick Shipping Tip:

Shipping brackets for Thrive Life change at $80.01, $140.01, and $200.01, so to get the best bang for your buck shipping-wise, set your budget near the top of a shipping bracket instead of near the bottom.

For example, you will pay $7.99 to ship $25 in product which comes to $0.32 in shipping for every dollar you spent on product. But you will also pay just $7.99 to ship $80 in product. This comes to just $0.10 in shipping for every dollar you spent on product.

See what I mean? You pay less in shipping (per dollar in product) the closer you are to $80 in product.

Similarly, you will pay $10.99 in shipping for $80.01 in product or for $140 in product. The next shipping bracket of $14.99 starts at $140.01 and goes to $200 in product. The last shipping bracket of $20.99 starts at $200.01 and goes to $400.

And if you live near American Fork Utah, you can opt to avoid shipping all together and pick your orders up each month.


Create Your Q

Get started creating your own Thrive Q right here: The Thrive Q. Please let me know if you have any questions about the process at all! My email is customercare@simplefamilypreparedness.com


Other Questions?

Let me know! I’ve had a Thrive Q since November 2010. I’m happy to help anyway I can. My email is customercare@simplefamilypreparedness.com


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  1. Great article! The Q is wonderful and so simple. In today’s hectic world it’s just one more think to make life easier!


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