10 Interesting Facts About Earthworms

This is a quick introduction to a series that will happen this summer – Vermicomposting! Composting with earthworms!!!! These organisms thrive in soil rich in the matter for them to compost, and in turn, leave you with some amazing compost that will make your garden thrive. Those of you with really great soil might notice an abundance of them in your soil, and that’s a good thing! You might have even seen that amazing material at your local garden center – worm castings! Yep, worm poop is some of the best fertilizers in the world!

10 Earthworms Facts Any Gardener Should Know

Reading these earthworm facts you will learn how to build your own worm tower, how to feed and take care of your earthworms, and how they can be used in even the smallest of spaces to help create wonderful compost for your gardens or containers.

Earthworm facts


Final Thoughts

Join me for the further adventures of trying to become the best Prepared Mom I can be!


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