12 Great Places In America and Canada For Off-Grid Living

Living off the grid has gained popularity as people look for ways to simplify their lives and be more self-sufficient. Many find joy in disconnecting from modern utilities and embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Here are 12 great places in North America where you can live off the grid and thrive.

12. New Mexico

New Mexico
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New Mexico is famous for Earthships, homes built primarily from reclaimed materials like tires and plastic bottles. These houses are designed to be self-sufficient, capturing rainwater and using thermal mass to regulate temperature. The first Earthship was created by Mike Reynolds in the 1970s and has inspired many to build similar homes.

11. Alaska

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Alaska offers vast, remote areas perfect for off-grid living. The state has affordable land and abundant natural resources, despite its cold reputation. With its wilderness and fewer regulations, Alaska attracts those who want to live independently and sustainably.

10. Lasqueti Island, Canada

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Lasqueti Island is an eco-village in Canada where about 400 residents live self-sufficiently. Life here involves working on tasks like energy production, gardening, and waste management. Residents work just enough to meet their needs, spending the rest of their time on hobbies and studies.

9. Oregon

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Oregon offers differing climates, with its rainy western region and semi-arid eastern region. Whether you prefer snow and ranching or rain and gardening, Oregon has something for you. The Cascade Range in between provides a stunning mountain backdrop for those who enjoy mountain living.

8. Missouri

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Missouri is a great place in the Midwest for off-grid living due to its abundant natural resources and lenient laws. The climate is relatively mild, with warm summers and cold winters, making it a comfortable place to live year-round. Its central location also provides easy access to other parts of the country.

7. North Carolina

North Carolina
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North Carolina, despite being on the East Coast, offers excellent opportunities for off-grid living. The state hosts an annual camp for prepping, homesteading, and survival, making it ideal for beginners. The mild climate and rich soil also make it a great place for gardening and farming.

6. Vermont

Burlington, Vermont
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Vermont is an off-grid dream with its relaxed zoning laws and beautiful natural surroundings. The state has no large cities, allowing for a peaceful, rural lifestyle. The main challenge here is the cold winters, so a well-insulated home is essential.

5. Texas

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Texas attracts off-grid families with its warm climate and affordable land. However, you need to be aware of water availability and the risk of severe weather like thunderstorms and tornadoes. Despite these challenges, Texas offers plenty of space and resources for self-sufficient living.

4. Montana

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Montana, like Alaska, has vast, remote areas perfect for an off-grid lifestyle. The state’s laws are generally favorable for homesteaders. While the growing season is short, the strong winds make it ideal for wind power, and a greenhouse can extend your gardening season.

3. Ohio

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Ohio is becoming a popular spot for off-grid living due to its low cost of living, affordable real estate, and few zoning laws. This allows for creativity in building your homestead. The main drawback is the potential for increased population density over time, but for now, it’s a great place to establish an off-grid lifestyle.

2. Tennessee

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Tennessee is a fantastic state for off-grid living due to its mild climate, fertile soil, and affordable land. The state’s lenient building codes and low property taxes make it easier to set up a sustainable homestead. With plenty of rainfall and a long growing season, Tennessee is ideal for gardening and farming.

1. Idaho

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Idaho is an excellent choice for those seeking a remote and rugged off-grid lifestyle. The state offers vast wilderness areas, affordable land, and a relatively low cost of living. Idaho’s climate includes cold winters and warm summers, providing a unique environment for self-sufficiency. The state’s strong agricultural heritage and access to natural resources make it a great place to build an independent, off-grid life.

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