500+ FREE Camping Recipes + Dutch Oven Recipes

500 Free Camping & Dutch Oven recipes perfect for your own campouts or for Boy Scout or Girl Scout campouts! FREE DOWNLOAD and more information! If you’re like me, trying to come up with ideas for camping food can be daunting if you want to move past hamburgers, hot dogs, and pop tarts for your campsite.

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Make Your Own Camping Food

So, if you’re beginning to live a more preparedness lifestyle, you’re probably looking to expand on your alternative cooking techniques and ideas for grid-down situations. These could be days without power after a local or natural disaster or even something more long-term.

There is also a bonus rocket stove section to learn to make your own rocket stove to have in the wilderness (or even in your own backyard!). We absolutely love our Premier Rocket Stove – read the review here, which includes instructions on making your own.

What You Need for Camping Recipes:

Best 500+ Camping Recipes: Free Printable

Thanks to the Boy Scouts! These camping recipes were put together by Troop 26 Parkville (who gave their permission for me to share this download with you). These folks worked hard at putting together a great resource! Thanks!!! This would be an awesome thing to print out for your emergency binders and camping files. Enjoy and happy camping!

Don’t miss all the great camping information on using dutch ovens, utensil-less cooking, and a complete dutch oven cookbook (the Geezer Cookbook). All are available in the first link.

To help convert some of these recipes, or to create your own backpack & hiking foodstuffs, check out this list of 101+ dehydrator recipes.

101 Dehydrating Recipes & Tips from Mom with a PREP.com
camping recipes

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  1. Just found this page and IM SOOOOO HAPPY I DID……. Thanks ! The instructions on the PDF is amazing. For a beginner of dutch oven cooking, this was exactly what I needed.


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