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Aquamira Water Bottle Filter: 2022 Review

Why invest in an Aquamira Water Bottle Filter? Having clean, safe, affordable drinking water is one of the cornerstones of survival in an emergency situation. Sure, you need to get yourself out of harm’s way and treat any emergent first aid issue, but for prolonged survival – water is your number one concern.

You have about three days before the body begins to shut down, so having a safe water source is a huge concern. The sponsor of our newest giveaway, Nitro-Pak, graciously provided an Aquamira Water Filter bottle for me to review:

Mom with a PREP | A review of the Aquamira Water Filter Bottle...a water filter that you can store water in. But does it work?....

Aquamira Water Bottle Filter Tested and Reviewed in 2022

In our environment, we live with city water which we do filter so that it can remove some of the chemicals that come through like chlorine. We use the filter on our refrigerator, and before we had that option, we used a Brita filter. Neither of those will be an option once city services are no longer available and we don’t know the safety of the drinking water we can find in a nearby creek, so we need to have options of filtering water, safely, for home and the go.

Testing the Aquamira Water Bottle Filter

For the on-the-go situations, the Aquamira filter will fit in our bike holder, plus attach to a backpack, and will provide the capacity to filter water up to 100 gallons on a single cartridge – which you can buy as replacements.

So, for our first test of their claims to filter out particles and taste, we filled the bottle with warm water, blue food coloring, and banana extract.

Aquamira Water Filter Bottle Review | Mom with a Prep

The results surprised us. The water was clear, and there was no banana flavor or smell at all. If you opened the lid of the water bottle, you could smell the obvious banana smell from the extract, but the filtered water coming from it had no smell or taste.

I did find the valve to be a little awkward to use and maneuver around the cap (but thankfully, the cap doesn’t come off and get lost easily!), but that will be remedied with use, I’m sure.

It’s also hard to express water from the bottle to fill up another container. It can be done, but it’s definitely not easy and takes constant refilling of an almost full bottle to make sure you have water filling the inside straw. Using it as a personal water bottle is fine, though the stream is slightly restricted with the Bite-Me Technology (yes, I giggled at that, too), but not so much as to be a problem.

The Aquamira Water Bottle Filter Compared to Similar Products

It runs about the same price as a Life Straw with the benefit of having the bottle for water storage, but it’s not as easy to pack light as a Life Straw. The Life Straw will filter up to 1000L of water, while the Aquamira filters up to 380L (though you can get replacement filters to keep the bottle going longer). Both suggest using the chemical treatment for water that may be contaminated with human waste or other harsher problems.

For the convenience of filling a bottle and drinking from it and going on your way, the Aquamira is great to have handy with your emergency equipment. Just make sure to also stock some replacement filters to extend the life of the bottle.

The Aquamira Water Bottle Filter Features

The Aquamira Microbiological Filter is a special thick-walled “porous plastic” filter designed to provide greater effectiveness than common thin-walled fiber filters. The tiny intricate pathways in the filter trap >99.9% of harmful Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other pathogens. The activated carbon reduces waterborne chemicals and improves water taste.

Portable and easy-to-use Aquamira Microbiological Filters are an ideal choice for emergency kits, foreign travel, backcountry excursions, outdoor activities, and anywhere water is questionable.

Miraguard™ Antimicrobial technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold, and mildew within the filter media. Miraguard™ does not protect users against food-borne or disease-causing bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease-causing organisms.

Note: For the highest possible level of protection from contaminants, use in conjunction with Aquamira Water Treatment Drops or Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets.

  • Drop cartridge in, fill and go – no waiting.
  • Effective on protozoan cysts. (Cryptosporidium and Giardia)
  • Use with Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets or Water Treatment Drops for a complete system.
  • Economical – 1 Cartridge filters up to 100 gal. (380L) of water.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Perfect for emergency kits, foreign travel, backcountry, outdoor, home or office.
  • Fits most bicycle water bottle cages.

The bottle runs $19.95 and is available from Nitro-Pak’s store. Disclaimer: While I did receive the water bottle for free for this review, I do not receive any compensation from Nitro-Pak for any sales resulting in this blog post. This is an honest review of the product. However, Nitro-Pak no longer carries the water bottle but you can purchase it here.

UPDATE 7/2014:  After using this water bottle for awhile, the “bite me technology” still hasn’t gotten any easier. If I was going to choose between bottles, I’d go with the Berkey Sports Bottle.

The giveaway has ended, thank you.

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