Make sure you’re prepared for at least a 3-day power outage at any point. Matter of fact, be sure that you’re ready for when the ENTIRE city or town loses power, as this can happen. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

1. Keep water ready.

It is recommended to keep 3 gallons of water for each person in the house.  This is enough for drinking and sanitation purposes.

2. Keep small flashlights.

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Put small flashlights by everyone’s bed in the house, or get yourself some Blackout Buddies.  These can be found on Amazon and can be used as night lights or flashlights, and they come with a rechargeable battery.  Be sure to have candles on hand as well.

3. Keep enough low-stress food for 3 days.

By low-stress, we mean the meals should be easy for you.  The stress levels during any type of disaster situation are already high usually, so you do not want to increase those stress levels with difficult or timely meals.  Think easy!  Do NOT bank on taking the family out to eat during an outage, as the restaurants may not have power either!

4. Be sure you have a powerless way to cook.

With the power being out, you must have another source for cooking food.  You can buy a propane camping stove, charcoal or propane grill, or Sun Oven. If you choose the Sun Oven, it must be a sunny day for it to work.  Be sure to have enough fuel in storage for whichever you choose!

5.  Be sure to keep warm. 

If the power outage occurs in the colder months, it is important for everyone to stay warm.  This can be done by putting more than 1 person in each bed, and by making sure that you have plenty of clean warm blankets ready for everyone.    

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