How to Easily Dehydrate Grape Tomatoes

Have you ever purchased those pint containers of grape tomatoes, and then forgotten about them? They get slimy and then fuzzy, and then you throw them away.

Well, let’s talk about the quickest way to preserve them! Dehydration!!

Simply wash your tomatoes, cut them in half, and throw them on your dehydrator trays.

How to Dehydrate Grape Tomatoes | Mom with a PREP

Easy Dehydrated Grape Tomatoes Recipe

They generally take between 10-12 hours to dehydrate at the 135F mark. You can speed this up a little by rotating your trays and turning the tomatoes over after about 6 hours. You want them pliable and easy to break apart, but not charred or brittle. You might find that it takes longer for you because of the humidity in your area or the moisture content of your tomatoes.

How to Dehydrate Grape Tomatoes | Mom with a PREP

Store them in an airtight container. If you have an oxygen absorber handy to use, that’s a bonus!

What can you do with dehydrated grape tomatoes?

  • Chop them in half and throw them into spaghetti sauce. They will rehydrate.
  • Store some in olive oil in the fridge for ‘sun-dried tomatoes. They don’t keep forever this way, so use them within a week or two to be safe.
  • Do a rough chop and throw them into chili or tuna fish salad or on pizza. Gives a tangy, intense bite.
  • Add them to pizza. Trust me, this is YUMMY!

To rehydrate your dehydrated tomatoes, just place them in warm water for about half an hour. You can use that water in whatever sauces you’re making because it picks up that great flavor. Doing the oil method mentioned above is also a way to reconstitute them.

Or, you can grind them into a powder to use as tomato powder! This is a great way to add tomato flavor without the chunk, the skin or the moisture from a fresh tomato. It tastes great sprinkled on a pizza, especially if too much sauce tends to give you indigestion! You can also make the powder into tomato sauce by a 2:1 ratio of liquid to powder.

Tools you might need:

Excalibur Dehydrator or American Harvester Dehydrator  |   Ball Canning Jars  |  Vacuum Sealer  |  Oxygen Absorbers

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