Disaster Preparedness: What to Do at Home During an Emergency


Learning how to prepare for emergencies at home is a huge step in ensuring your family’s safety. Preparedness isn’t just about knowing where the best exits are in the event of a fire, or having some extra batteries on hand. It’s about preparation.

Knowing the most common disasters your area is susceptible to is a good place to start when coming up with plans in the event of an emergency. Is your area prone to flooding or wildfires? You’ll want to be sure you have the tools and the plans to weather any emergency that comes your way.

Besides making sure your family stays safe or reaches safety in the event of a disaster, you also want to prepare for emergencies that might ground your family for awhile, With flooding or earthquakes, you might get stuck inside for hours or even days; having a well-stocked pantry and emergency first aid items, along with stored water, is key to safely weathering disaster events.

Disaster Preparedness Home Emergency

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